Pakistani professional Dota 2 player passed racist comments towards Indian Gaming Community

pakistani player racist

Shiraz “Sh1zzy” Akhter, a Pakistani Dota 2 broadcaster and player, was caught screaming racist slurs and expletives towards Indian Gaming Community on a Twitch show on June 1, 2021. Sh1zzy appeared to have started making these comments after some of the negative comments in his Twitch chat.

The Pakistani player and streamer made several racist comments about Indians, as well as other rude statements, likely in response to Pakistan’s detention of Indian Air Force fighter pilot Abhinandan Vardhaman in 2019.

Pakistani Player Racist Comments

In response to harsh comments from one of his viewers, he made some disgusting and prejudiced remarks about Indians that “Go and drink cow’s urine and when you’re done, you can drink my urine”.

Shi1zzy also used insulting language to degrade Indian professional Dota 2 players, alleging that they had accomplished nothing. He also challenged Indian players by mentioning Make it happen, five of Pakistan’s finest players versus five of India’s top players on LAN, and we’ll kick your a** any day of the week.”

After done with Indian Dota 2 Professionals he switches towards CS:GO. He mentioned Forsaken, a former Optic India Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who was discovered hacking. He referred to him as a shame to the country. He also used some abusive words, which we are not mentioning in the article.

After obligated as a Racist by his viewers he defended himself by saying according to his stereotypes  “Indian drinks cow urine and this is the fact that why this is not a racist comment, Do you guys understand the meaning of racist? Telling you a fact is not racist. You guys do drink cow’s urine. You guys do it. It’s out there on the Internet. You want me to show it to you? You guys do it so I am just saying ‘Go and do it.’ You guys belong there. Keep drinking cow piss. That’s all. What’s racist in (saying) that? Aren’t you guys proud of it? “

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Shiraz “Sh1zzY” Akhter is a professional Dota 2 player from Pakistan who has competed in many Dota 2 competitions, including the WESG 2017 APAC Finals and the WESG 2019 South Asia Finals. The player also has a Twitch account with over 5.5K followers where he streams in Urdu and English from Malaysia.

There has been no response from Valve cooperation, the developers of Dota 2. According to us, using such language towards any country or their players shows the toxicity in the person itself. We condemn his words. What are your opinions, Please Let us know by participating in the comment section below.

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