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Overwatch 2 Surpassed 25 Million Players In The First 10 Days Only

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 drastically overhauled the Overwatch experience by switching to 5v5 and implementing a new Battle Pass system, including seasonal content releases, new maps, a new mode, and other modifications. 25 million gamers have downloaded Overwatch 2 in the first 10 days of its release, according to Blizzard Entertainment, the developer of the game. That’s a sizable sum, and it signals that the upgraded hero shooter will succeed going forward. Overwatch 2, which debuted on October 4, gave the first game new life by incorporating a new 5v5 PvP structure, a Battle Pass-based advancement system, a seasonal content model, adding three new heroes, and more.

The free-to-play shooter had a bumpy start when it first came out at the beginning of October. Its problems have included everything from many DDoS attacks to its SMS Protect system blocking gamers who were using prepaid phone plans from accessing the game. Blizzard has previously apologised and stated that it is working to address the game’s launch flaws while also removing the SMS Protect feature for the majority of current Overwatch gamers.

“We expected the launch of Overwatch 2 to go smoothly,” said Blizzard last week. “We hold ourselves to a higher standard and we are working hard to resolve the issues you are experiencing.”

In the end, Overwatch 2’s early success indicates that the changes it made to the original game were for the better. When the game became overly concentrated on crowd control stuns and powerful tanking skills, many of its players lost interest, and Overwatch previously struggled to stay relevant in the competitive shooter market beyond 2018–19. Comparatively speaking, Overwatch 2’s gameplay is faster and more dynamic.

Before the shift to free-to-play was implemented, there were some disagreements over the number of games required to unlock heroes (both new and old). On even-numbered seasons, new heroes will be released, and those who purchase the premium battle pass will get immediate access to them. Additionally, if players used text chat, Overwatch 2 would automatically purchase skins from the in-game shop using premium currency. Although the problem has already been repaired, Blizzard hasn’t said whether the impacted gamers would get reimbursements.

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