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Nova XQF Wins PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season Finals


The long-awaited PUBG Mobile Global Championship finals concluded with Nova XQF becoming the champions. This is their second global trophy in the same year 2020. The PUBG Mobile Global Championship was the final event of the 2020 PUBG Mobile Season. 24 of the best teams from around the world were invited or qualified for the event. Top 16 teams qualified in the finals who competed for the prize pool of $1,20,000 USD and world champions title.

Four Angry Men and Zeus Esports finished at second and third spots respectively. While Nova XQF took home $700,000 USD as the prize money whereas Four Angry Men won $200,000 USD. The Mongolian team Zeus Esports won $100,000 USD as the third position reward.


In the last day of PMGC Finals, each team tried their best to rise in the leaderboards. Nova XQF secured a total of 319 points including 151 kills. It was the highest team kills secured by any team followed by Zeus Esports (145 kills). Out of a total of 29 matches, Nova XQF secured 4 chicken dinners whereas the highest number of chicken dinners were grabbed by Four Angry Men (5). Teams like Konina Power, Alpha 7 Esports and RRQ Athena couldn’t grab a single chicken dinner throughout the game. 4AMSukkk won the MVP award.


Indonesian’s favourite Bigetron Red Aliens and Natus Vincere finished the leaderboards with same points (241). But Navi secured the fourth position due to more number of kills than Team BTR.

Zeus Esports applauded by Mongolian Politician

The only team from wildcard region who managed to qualify for the finals changed the course of their region. The finals witnessed some amazing gameplay from this Mongolian team. As a result, they didn’t go unnoticed by some government officials. One of the Mongolian politicians wrote on his Facebook page.

“Mongolian Youth Zeus Esport team is winning and smashing in pubg mobile competition. Heard and understood from my 12-year-old son.
The game is not just fun, but it has become an e-Sports, thousands of athletes, followers, and money finance. It won’t happen to ignore traditional attitude, watch mujhraar, and try to imprisonment, and it will be rude.
Once the big win is coming, you must think about the right welcome, develop properly, not bad for children’s knowledge and education, not bad for education, and support their interest properly. There is everything that is in sports, policy plans, tactics, speed power, intelligence, and intelligence.
Good luck to the Zeus Esport team no matter what! Mongolian children are refreshing.”

Recognition of teams by the government officials could be the rise of major esports opportunities in the region.

RRQ G9 last event with RRQ Athena

Thailand PUBG Mobile star G9 also took its Facebook page to announce the departure from the team. He wrote

“The last day may be the last day that I can compete with everyone to work with Brother Wu no matter how the result is. I’m ready to admit it. We’ve been tired all the time and we’ve tried it. So far I’m trying to practice everything to get results. It came out best even though it wasn’t what I hoped for but I won’t regret it.

Thank you to all fans, brothers, sisters, friends who have been supporting us for 3 years. Thank you very much for always supporting us. Thank you for being there for us on the winning day and the day we lost. Thank you for loving us no matter how much the result is today. I just want to thank everyone very much. Everyone is part of my career as an athlete.
This competition is the last time we all could compete and cheer up. I love you all.”

With this event, the 2020 PUGBG Mobile season has ended. The PMCO Qualifiers 2021 will soon commence in their respective regions. Follow us for more details.

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