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Nova Esports emerged as the winner PEL 2021 Season 2 Regular Season

PEL 2021 Season 2

Nova Esports has been crowned as the champions of Peacekeeper Elite League (PEL) 2021 Season 2 Regular Season today. They were also given staggering reward money of 1,000,000 Yuan in addition to the ultimate title. They also won the weekly finals, in addition to the league stages.

Earlier in PEL Season 1, Team Weibo was titleholder, Nova showed fairly performance and finished 5th overall. Interestingly Season 1 champions Team Weibo finished the same positions as Nova Esports in season 1, which was 5th. Fan-favorite 4 am could stand up to mark but barely qualified for finals.


TJB won the opening match, which took place in Miramar, with six frags. DKG, on the other hand, topped the kills table with a massive 13 kills, and their star fragger was named MVP for his five frags.


With 10 kills, TEC won the second match, which was contested on Miramar. Show Time took second place with seven frags, while Team Weibo took eighth place with eight frags.


With four eliminations, LGD Gaming won the third match, which was held on Sanhok. Team Weibo, on the other hand, topped the scoring table with seven kills. Nova Esports had a total of eight kills.


DKG won the fourth match, which was played on Erangel, with five kills. TEC and Nova Esports each had eight kills. Nova Jimmy received the MVP award for defeating five adversaries.


Show Time won the fifth and final match of the week with a massive 15 kills. Team Weibo came in second with nine kills, with Z9 alone eliminating eight enemies in the lobby.

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Nova Order was named MVP for the week after racking up 20 kills and an average survival time of 21 minutes and 41 seconds, while his colleague and Star Player Paraboy came in second with 19 kills.

Top 15 from the PEL 2021 S2 regular:

  • 1. Nova Esports
  • 2. LGD Gaming
  • 3. Team SMG
  • 4. TJB
  • 5. The Chosen
  • 6. Team Weibo
  • 7. Show Time
  • 8. Titan Esports Club(TEC)
  • 9. Six Two Eight(STE)
  • 10. Royal Never Give Up(RNG)
  • 11. DKG
  • 12. JDE
  • 13. ACT Gaming
  • 14. Reagans Gaming (RSG)
  • 15. Four Angry Men(4 AM)

The top fifteen teams from the league rounds will compete in the PEL 2021 Season 2 grand finals, which will take place from June 10 to 13.

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