Nodwin Gaming introduces Umzansi Esports League 2020

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Nodwin is one of India’s largest esports company that has expanded its office to South Africa. They announced the appointment of Nathaneal Slabbert, Head of Operations and Anthony Nell, Head of Sales for the region.

“South Africa is one of the biggest markets which we can go ahead and enter in and I believe it is a springboard to mainland Africa. It has traditional respect and love for gaming and sports equally. It’s a superb country for us to go ahead and introduce esports to and build NODWIN’s presence in the African continent. We look forward to working with the partners in the future and see where we can go

Akshat Rathee, Founder and MD, NODWIN Gaming

Nodwin gaming has been one of the best esports event organiser of various tournaments from ESL India Premiership, PUBG Mobile tournaments to DreamHack Mumbai, Delhi and much more.

With the announcement of expansion in a completely different region, the team introduced Uzmansi Esports League for South African Players with Lan Finals in Capetown and Johannesburg.


The events registration will start from March 22nd consisting of four esports titles featuring FIFA, TEKKEN 7, CS: GO and PUBG MOBILE.

There has been no complete information regarding the format of the tournament but it will be held in three stages as follows

  • Starter Cup
  • League stage
  • Lan Finals

Ultimately, the prize pool for the complete event is revealed to be about 1 Million Brazillian Real (approx. $216,000).

Uzmansi Esports League will bring an esports revolution in the Brazillian gaming community.

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