NINJA donates $150,000 to COVID-19 response fund


With the increasing problems created due to coronavirus all over the world. We are getting small bits of good news somewhere down the lane.

Jessica Belvins, wife and manager of Ninja tweeted with the announcement of donating $150,000 to Feeding America, a hunger-relief organisation based in America.

Sharing a video on Twitter, the Mixer streamer said that he had done this by taking inspiration from Jimmy Fallon and Ryan Reynolds, who both donated some amount to the same organisation. He urged people to stay safe and practice social distancing, the only means that can reduce the impact of coronavirus. He also encouraged people to donate and contribute for the cause.

In response to the tweet, Feeding America wrote a Thank You note for the couple applauding them for the gesture towards the needy people. In addition to this, they wrote

We are inspired for your generosity, both through financial support during these unprecedented times and by leveraging your platforms to raise awareness of the challenges that families experiencing hunger face.

COVID-19 has infected over 4 lakh people and killed over 17,000 people across the globe creating a panic condition between the people. Alone, the US has been reported with over 48,000 cases of coronavirus infected people, taking the lives of more than 500 people in the country.

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