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Ninja Announced His Return On Twitch after 3 Months Since Mixer Shutdown


Ninja finally returned to Twitch. Yesterday on 10 September, Ninja suddenly announced on Twitter that he has confirmed to re-sign with Twitch and become Twitch’s special live host again.

Ninja got parted away from twitch to sign a deal with Mixer. Unexpectedly after Mixer got shut down in July, Microsoft had to released Ninja as a free agent. Over a 15 million followers on twitch, had been waiting enormously for Ninja comeback announcement.

This morning, Ninja posted a “new chapter, only on Twitch” on Twitter,

Officially announcing that he will return to live on Twitch. Ninja stated in the press release statement: “I am very excited to be able to return to full-time live work and reconnect with my loyal fans. I spent a lot of time deciding which platform to join, and Twitch has been very much in the process. I support and I understand my career goals. In the next phase, I will help those who deserve more attention to improve themselves and attract more exposure. I look forward to working with Twitch together. To prove that this amazing gaming community can bring an extraordinary impact.”

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