NICKMERCS says “360 is the greatest console of all time” on Xbox v/s playstation debate

NICKMERCS says “360 is the greatest console of all time” on Xbox v/s playstation debate

Applications that allow for cross-play are more common. The console wars, though, continue to rage mostly in the thoughts and emotions of devoted players. Another of them named is Nicholas “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff, who is a prominent Twitch user.

NICKMERCS is a fan of Microsoft’s Xbox line of gaming consoles, which spans twenty years. The Xbox 360 is his favorite, mostly due to the platform exclusivity it offers. “360 is the best console of all time,” he proclaimed.

“It’s not even a conversation, man,” he further added. “The Xbox 360 is the greatest console of all time. It’s got the Gears of Wars, the Halos, the CoDs. It’s got everything!”

The Xbox 360 which was introduced in 2005 and has now delivered over 84 million copies, more than any other Microsoft system. It did well compared to the PlayStation 3, which was its major opponent, and sold 87.5 million shares. The first-person shooter king, though, frequently alternated among Xbox and PlayStation gaming systems before settling on PC in his later years.

“I went from PS2 to Xbox to Xbox 360 to PS4 to PC,” the Twitch star commented. “That was my order!”

He has therefore performed in what seems like a wide range of roles. Yet he overwhelmingly prefers the Xbox 360. He may prefer using controllers over a mouse and keyboard because he has a long history of playing video games on consoles. Moreover, the streamer used controllers to play Gears of War and Halo professionally in 2009 and 2010 respectively.

He has previously fought with Dr. Disrespect regarding it as well. The two-time believes that Warzone and Apex Legends’ aim assist on controllers is excessively powerful. NICKMERCS, however, seems to be of a different opinion.

Even though they disagree on input methods, they both conclude that the PC will be the best platform in 2022, at least for competitive play and streaming.

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