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Neymar and his teammates are playing Counter-Strike just before the match


Neymar and his teammates are playing Counter-Strike just before the match- You will find fans of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in every corner of the world. IEM Rio Major 2022 just got over last week and we got news where the Middle East Stars League have found Brazil’s national football team is hooked hard on Valve’s premiere first-person shooter. They were super busy playing CS:GO when there was a match on 24th November.

The Middle East Stars League (MESL) owner, Abdallah Al Ghifari have disclosed that Neymar and few other team members, specifically, Gabriel Jesus, and midfielders, Casemiro, Lucas Paqueta, and Everton Ribiero, have subscribed the biggest CS:GO hub in the region and played on 21st November.


Neymar and his teammates are playing Counter-Strike just before the match

Abdallah jokingly tweeted that he wanted to steam the matches of these five players. And we are sure that if this happens the views will be in millions, without any effort. Neymar is not new to this CS:GO, as a few years ago he shared his CS:GO rank. In Faceit he was in level 3 and in master guardian 1. He is not in top ranking players but definitely an above average player.

As you all know Neymar plays CS:GO just for fun, considering that his rank is pretty impressive.

Counter-Strike : Global Offensive is one of the most popular competitive games of the world, along with games like League of Legends and Data 2. But while it’s not the most relaxing game, it’s not uncommon for professional players to use it to blow off steam.

Let us see what will happen in CS:GO next. We would be very happy if Abdallah Al Ghifari had steamed the matches of these world cup players. What are your thoughts regarding this? Comment down below.

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