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New State Mobile Patch Notes v0.9.42 : New rules, guns, and more details


New State Mobile Patch Notes v0.9.42 : New rules, guns, and more detailsThe patch note version of 0.9.42 of New State Mobile will be available from 24th November, 2022. Let us directly dive into what we are getting in this update. There are some changes in rules in the battle royale matches. If you are playing squad match or solo match and if you die before phase 3, you can recall yourself directly without the help of your teammates.

But the rule changes from phase 3, if you die in phase 3 or after phase 3 you can only be recalled with any of your teammates using the greenflare. And also you can only be recalled once from phase 3. You will see a new shooting gallery mode, where you will get rewards which you can use later.


New State Mobile Patch Notes v0.9.42 : New rules, guns, and more details

You are also going to get a new weapon “SL8” which is a designated marksman rifle (DMR). It will create huge damages to the enemies, with this gun you are also going to see a new customized kit C1, by adding that the damage you will be even more dangerous. In this update the audio of your ally and enemy will be more clear.

The recruit mode has now been removed temporarily from the game and we have idea when it is coming back. Also a new season is going to start which is season 6 and you will get your rewards according to your ranks. A new feature is introduced in the game which is a dressing room where simply you can design your costumes and save them. In the dressing room other people can visit your dressing room, see your presets and even like them. You can also choose your presets when coming back to the match, previously you have no option for this.

Previously you only got 5 missions weekly, but from now you will get to see 7 missions which will help you get more Survival pass points. The auto firing mode is now disable, which I feel was a useless feature. In survival pass 13 you will see a new character and many rewards tell us your views on these rewards. And also about your overall view on this reward.

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