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New State Mobile King of TDM event: Play in Exhibit Hall map and win amazing rewards

New State Mobile King of TDM event: Play in Exhibit Hall map and win amazing rewards

New State Mobile King of TDM event: The new TDM map in New State Mobile is live and also the event players can participate in the event and get awarded the 20 Chicken medals. Exhibit Hall is a new map for Team Deathmatch, which has been introduced. This Exhibit Hall was taken from Troi and adapted to the Team Deathmatch mode. Exhibit Hall’s Team Deathmatch uses a 4v4 structure, with the first team reaching 40 kills winning the match. You will respawn in one of 10 possible locations after dying. Players can play the new TDM map, ‘Exhibit Hall’ and win amazing rewards. 

How to participate in New State Mobile King of TDM event

The players can participate by following these steps:

  • Play Team Death Matches in the new Exhibits Hall:  

Players have to play team death matches in the new Exhibits. Where there is a match with the opponent and the team who has scored 40 points first will win the match.

  • Share your Screenshot or Video  of your best match:  

After playing the TDM match in the new Exhibits Hall now players have to send their screenshots or videos of their best-played match in the new TDM Map(Exhibits Hall). Players can share their videos or screenshot on their social media handles by tagging #KINGOFTDM or #NEWSTATEMOBILE.

Here are the key points players have to take care of and i.e while sharing your screenshot or video player’s nickname must include in-game because of the authenticity of the player.

  • Upload it to your social media handle:

After playing TDM matches and sharing their screenshot or video the next step is to upload their taken video or screenshots to social media by tagging #KINGOFTDM or they can also tag #NEWSTATEMOBILE.

Players can share their videos or screenshot to any of their social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

  • Submit your Application via. Google Form:

Then after they have submitted their Application via Google Form here is the link to the google form:

The winner will be announced on 05/08/2022 (Friday) and the winner will get an Event Reward. The 50 Survivors will get 20 chicken medals per winner

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