Netflix Can Adopt Video Game Based on Popular and Hit Netflix Series – Squid Game

Netflix Can Adopt Video Game Based on Popular and Hit Netflix Series - Squid Game
Netflix Can Adopt Video Game Based on Popular and Hit Netflix Series - Squid Game

Squid Game, a Netflix series in which participants play children’s games until only one of them is left alive, has become Netflix’s new most popular show in its history. Netflix has previously stated that they intend to enter the video game industry and distribute games based on their original series through their app.

Minyoung Kim, the online video streaming platform’s VP for Asia Pacific programming, recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the idea of adapting the massively popular series into a video game. As of right now, the second season of the South Korean series is also in the works to begin. Netflix has stated that it is “looking into” the possibility, according to a senior official.

“From the consumer goods department, the gaming group, and our other overseas divisions, we’ve been receiving an enormous but delighted volume of requests. My team’s job is to take a comprehensive look at all of those possibilities in order to develop a roadmap for the Squid Game IP. We’re looking in a variety of sectors, including games, consumer products, and others, to see what we can deliver to our fans that will improve their affinity for our material and bring them greater joy while staying loyal to the universe that our creator has created.”

Netflix is presently considering what to do with the Squid Game IP, according to Kim. The streaming behemoth is considering a videogame adaptation as well as “consumer products,” which is a fancy term for merchandising. Season 2 is currently being discussed between Netflix and Squid Game’s director and producer, although Kim downplayed expectations by reminding fans that the show only premiered a month ago. Considering Netflix’s recent obsession with the Gaming Industry it will be no surprise that we can see the final product announcement as soon as possible.

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