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Nerd Street Gamers- Winter Championship Starts from 13th January


Nerd Street Gamers- Winter Championship is scheduled to be held on 13-17, January 2021 which will be one of the first  VALORANT Tournament of 2021. Nerd Street Gamers- Winter Championship consists top 3 teams from each monthly tournament which held from September to December, with the four direct invited teams. These 16 teams will compete against each other for a share at the prize pool of $25,000 where it will be distributed only between the top 3 teams. Nerd Street Gamers has hosted monthly tournaments to built up in both popularity and prize pools over the course of 2020, now we are here to the end of the event.

Teams divided into 4 groups of 4 teams in a GSL format. Group stage matches will be played in best of 3 formats where top 2 teams from each group will move to playoffs. Playoffs will be played in best of 3 formats with single elimination bracket. Grand Finals of Nerd Street Gamers-Winter Championship will be played in best of 5 formats.

Let’s take a look at the Groups of Nerd Street Gamers- Winter Championship:

Group A
  • Dignitas (Direct Invite )
  • Sedated (Qualified from NSG- November)
  • Built By Gamers (Qualified from NSG- December)
  • Andbox (Qualified from NSG-November)
Group B
  • Sentinels (Direct Invite)
  • Moon Raccoons (Qualified from NSG- October)
  • Spacestation Gaming (Qualified from NSG- December)
  • NRG Esports (Qualified from NSG- December)
Group C
  • Envy (Direct Invite)
  • Luminosity (Qualified from NSG- September)
  • XSET (Qualified from NSG- October)
  • Team 2D (Qualified from NSG- September)
Group D
  • Cloud9 Blue (Direct Invite)
  • Project ! (Qualified from NSG- October)
  • Equinox Esports (Qualified from NSG- September)
  • eUnited ( Qualified from NSG- November)

Some important details mentioned here –

  • eUnited has signed the roster of ex-Serenity who have finished at top 3 positions at Nerd Street Gamers- November and got qualified for the Nerd Street Gamers-Winter Championship.
  • Mamba Mode Gaming who finished at 2nd place at November Tournament disbanded the team so the slot at Nerd Street Gamers-Winter Championship given to Sedated who finished at 4th position in Nerd Street Gamers- November Tournament.
Where to watch

Nerd Street Gamers- Winter Championship will begin on January 13th, the whole event will be live-streamed on

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