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Natus Vincere emerged as the winners of PMPL EMEA Championship 2021

Natus Vincere becomes the champions of PMPL EMEA Championship
Natus Vincere becomes the champions of PMPL EMEA Championship

Natus Vincere became the champions of the PMPL EMEA Championship 2021: The last day of the PMPL that is the PUBG Mobile Pro League EMEA Championship finally finished. The last day was full of thrill and excitement. After the end of the day, fan’s all-time favorite Natus Vincere aka NAVI, the team from the CIS region won the PMPL EMEA Championship with 6 chicken dinners. They were awarded the winner’s prize of $40,000.


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After the completion of all matches, Knowme from the team Konina Power was awarded the title of the MVP of the championship. He played outstandingly well for his team. He dealt an average of 403 Damage with 2.12 Average kills per match and an average survival time of 19 minutes 33 seconds. He was given the $2000 MVP prize as well.

PMPL EMEA Championship Day 4 Summary

The first match of the final day was played on the map Erangel. NASR Esports was the one who got the chicken dinner in the first match with 13 kills. Being followed by Futbolist, the team came second in the first match of the day with five kills. The next match was fought on the map of Miramar. The chicken dinner went in the hands of Konina Power with 12 kills.

After the fight in the first 2 matches of the day. Gunz Esport started to shine as they won the next two matches that were fought on Erangel and Sanhok. They got 12 kills in the match on Sanhok and 6 kills in the match on Erangel. The fifth match of the day was again played on Miramar and the team Conqueror EU dominated the map and got the chicken dinner with 5 kills while Team destiny got the second spot with nine kills and with eight kills Gunz Esport got third place.

The final match of the championship took place on Erangel. With 11 kills Team 1218 got the chicken dinner. World of Wonders got second place with six kills and Konina Power came in 3rd place with 4 Kills.

As we all know the 1st place was in the hands of NAVI. Not falling too behind were also fan’s favorite GUNZ Esport who finished at second place with 100 kills and 253 points. They got the prize of $28,000. After them, third place was in the hands of team 1218 with 105 kills and 247 points and they claimed the prize of $18,000.

PMPL EMEA Championship Overall Standings

  1. Natus Vincere- 301 points
  2. Gunz Esports – 253 points
  3. Team 1218 – 247 points
  4. Konina Power – 244 points
  5. Fate Esports – 238 points
  6. Futbolist – 204 points
  7. Conqueror EU – 194 points.
  8. World of Wonders – 167 points
  9. NASR Esports – 161 points
  10. Destiny – 146 points
  11. Sudor Esports – 135 points
  12. Panda – 133 points
  13. Next RŪYA Gaming – 129 points
  14. RICO Infinity Team – 127 points
  15. Team Unique – 127 points
  16. Slime 4KT – 54 points

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