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NA VCT 2022 TSM vs T1 Controversy: Entire Matter Explained, Why are Valorant Pros Divided on Twitter

NA VCT 2022 TSM vs T1 Controversy: Entire Matter Explained, Why are Valorant Pros Divided on Twiiter, Subroza

During their first match versus T1 in the bottom bracket of the NA VCT 2022 Challangers Open Qualifier 1, TSM VALORANT players accused T1 of cheating. T1’s head coach spoke in all chat throughout their match on Split, according to TSM Yassine “Subroza” Taoufik and other team players. TSM has now accused the T1 coach of talking to their players throughout the entire map after watching this. This, combined with an alleged ping discrepancy between the teams, prompted TSM players to take to Twitter to vent their frustrations at the loss.

Everything between TSM and T1 appeared to be fine at first. Because TSM had the superior seeding, they chose Ascent as their first match, while T1 chose Icebox as their second and Breeze as their third. The first match was a fascinating one. Despite the fact that TSM had chosen them, T1 simply rolled them over. The opening map was won by T1 with a score of 13-7. While we were waiting for the second map to begin, we learned that TSM had won. After losing a map.

During designated time-outs and in-between games, VALORANT coaches are allowed to communicate with their players. They are not, however, permitted to speak to players during the game because doing so would affect the match’s competitive integrity. T1 allegedly received a warning, according to Subroza, who appeared irritated by the whole situation. This was the situation after riot officials discovered that T1’s coach was talking with his roster throughout the game. This is a major breach of Valoarnt’s rules.

Valorant Pros Divided over TSM vs T1 controversy on Twitter

Loss of TSM After drawing the half at 6-6 and only managing one round in the second half, T1 won decisively 13-7. The TSM players appeared to be in good spirits and ready to go for the following map, but after falling behind 8-4 at halftime on Icebox, a tech pause was called. Several TSM players shared our sleeping emojis during the tech halt, prompting backlash from other professional players on Twitter. Rory “dephh” Jackson of XSET was one of the people who responded.

NA VCT 2022 TSM vs T1 Controversy: Entire Matter Explained, Why are Valorant Pros Divided on Twitter

The situation continued to erupt as members of the community took sides and began throwing shade at one another. T1’s steel confirmed that T1 had won map 1 by a score of 13-7 by tweeting a sleeping emoji with a photo.

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