MrBeast pays a heartfelt tribute to “Technoblade” to honor his Youtube career

MrBeast pays a heartfelt tribute to "Technoblade" to honor his Youtube career

MrBeast pays a heartfelt tribute to “Technoblade” to honor his Youtube career – It’s been months since the American YouTuber and famous Minecraft gamer Technoblade passed away. But this could not stop us and his fans worldwide to love the American. He has become one of the legends in the industry. Numerous other YouTubers have paid tribute to him through their channels. One of his closest friends, a well-known content producer named, “MrBeast”, recently made the decision to honor Technoblade’s YouTube career on the night of his channel’s anniversary.

Recently, his closest buddy MrBeast posted a heartfelt remembrance of the adored Minecraft player. MrBeast’s video featured Technoblade and it was such that it came as a surprise to the viewers. The footage caught some emotions as the way Jimmy presented it to the fans. The video clip literally brought tears to everyone’s eyes as they saw it.

MrBeast pays a heartfelt tribute to “Technoblade” to honor his Youtube career

Jimmy emotionally informed his followers about the news and a unique film he created with Technoblade, on his Twitter account. Prior to Alexander’s death, it was their final video altogether.

On October 28, 2013, Alexander, also known as Technoblade, launched his own YouTube channel. The main theme of his posts was the rapidly expanding 3D sandbox game “Minecraft”. He then achieved the fame of a popular celebrity in 2017 after appearing in a video in which he used a racing wheel controller to beat the ‘Minecraft game that too in an extreme mode.

The decision to release this video on the ninth anniversary of the late YouTuber’s channel was made, by both MrBeast and Techno’s father. They wrote, “We just uploaded it, Rest In Peace Techno legends never die.” All the proceeds that will be gained from this video are going to benefit the Sarcoma Foundation.

“We recorded a gaming video with Techno before he passed away and his dad and I thought today, the anniversary of his channel would be a good day to honor him. We just uploaded it, Rest In Peace Techno legends never die 🥺”. This was the whole tweet.


As a response to this tweet from MrBeast, all of Technoblade’s devoted followers showed there to express their condolences for the late Minecraft icon. While some of them expressed gratitude to Mr. Beast for his kindness, others recalled Techno for his legendary works and charismatic personality. Here it follows:-

“He was a legend. Loved his content. One of those that struck a passion for content creation in me. He will be missed, loved, but never forgotten,” @duck5557474 user commented.

MysticatLive stated, “it was such a well-made event and it was an honor to meet techno. An unforgettable experience for sure!”

SvenBaier too commented on the post of MeBeast, “Gosh, now I am sitting here, watching the greatest war about potatoes of all time for the 1000’st time… Thank u Jimmy for being here, godspeed Techno ❤️.

“I miss him so much but he said it himself and it was his line “techno blade never dies” rip Technoblade 1999-2022.” Another user shared his thoughts.

Last but not least Kevin Cespedes stated, ” I’m nearly crying reading this. His passing still hurts even months later but it was nice of you to post this video as a tribute to his life 🧡.”

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