MrBeast gets slapped whenever someone donates for #TeamSeas initiative

MrBeast gets slapped whenever someone donates for #TeamSeas initiative
MrBeast gets slapped whenever someone donates for #TeamSeas initiative

MrBeast gets slapped whenever someone donates for #TeamSeas initiative: As one of the most popular influencers and content creators on the YouTube platform, MrBeast has again made headlines. He organized a donation event where he got slapped whenever someone donated for the #TeamSeas initiative which he has started with his friend and fellow YouTuber, Mark Rober.

What is the #TeamSeas initiative?

Many people would remember MrBeast’s #TeamTrees campaign in 2019 where he had planted 20 million trees before 2020. He had asked his fans and viewers to donate for this event as he had planned to raise $20 million for this, which means that 1 tree would be planted for $1. This campaign was successful as many famous names like Elon Musk, Pewdiepie, Ninja, and others along with the support of the masses donated and helped MrBeast reach the amount.

Similar to this, the #TeamSeas campaign is a project that is meant to clean the large water bodies of our planet. MrBeast plans to raise $30 million for cleaning out 30 million pounds of wastes from the oceans and seas of the world before 2021 ends.

MrBeast receives slaps whenever someone donates for #TeamSeas 

This charity campaign started successfully among people as it was able to get $7 million dollars within one week of its announcement. To increase the numbers, MrBeast came up with a brilliant idea. He organized a charity stream for #TeamSeas where he or his team will receive slaps whenever a donation comes for the initiative. Depending upon the amount of money donated, they would get slapped harder. Whenever someone donated $1000, MrBeast would get hit by a very large (larger than his body) hand that will throw him towards a pool filled with foam blocks.

This stream was also very successful as the message about #TeamSeas was able to reach out to more people. The initiative has already completed the milestone of getting $20 million dollars. As I am writing this, the #TeamSeas campaign needs a bit over $9.4 million to reach its goal.

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