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Mousesports’ Fierce Comeback Made Them Flashpoint Season 3 Champions


What a week for eSports, or to be more precise what a weekend. Seeking an undefeated tournament streak mousesports were ready to take over ‘Ninjas in Pyjamas’. But again, it wasn’t that easy this time. They defeated NIP by 2-1, clinching the Flashpoint Season 3 with $17000 top prize with 1600 EU regional major ranking points. 

Mousesports, in the whole tournament, stayed unbeaten. Winning over almost all map and whitewashing upper-basket league by 2-0 lead. It was speculated that the final will also be one-sided but ‘NIP’ has some strategies. Well well well, mousesports started the round with sheer domination taking the scoreline 10-1. The match on the map Overpass was totally in control of mousesports when Ninjas bring out some technique and made a comeback to win the match by 16-13. This was the first-ever defeat faced by mousesports in this event.


Mousesports must have strategized thoroughly for the next games as it was necessary after this type of comeback from Ninjas. Trust me, not only the strategies but the players were in improved forms and the next level domination was seen from there. Mousesports won the Nuke by 16-6 and Inferno by 16-9 to claim the championship. 

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The Ninjas were second in the tournament and they won $10,000 as the second-place prize along with 1500 ranking points. The rest of the rankings and prize pool division are listed below.


  1. mousesports: $17,000, 1,600 points
  2. Ninjas in Pyjamas: $10,000, 1,500 points
  3. G2 Esports: $7,000, 1,400 points
  4. Heroic: $5,000, 1,300 points
  5. BIG: $4,000, 1,200 points
  6. Astralis: $3,000, 1,100 points
  7. Team Vitality: $2,000, 1,000 points
  8. Double Poney: $2,000, 900 points
  9. FunPlus Phoenix: $0, 800 points
  10. Complexity Gaming: $0, 700 points
  11. Sprout: $0, 600 points
  12. Anonymo Esports: $0, 500 points
  13. – 16. OG, Fnatic, FaZe Clan, HYENAS: $0, 250 points each.

It was a great day for FPS tournaments. Two big tournaments hosted the finals and now we all are like, “what’s next?”. Do let us know your thoughts about hosing of such more exciting tournaments.

Gaurang Gaur

NA Sentinels defeates Fnatic to win VCT 2021 Stage 2 Masters Grand Finals

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