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Mobile Legends M3 World Championship 2021 Playoffs Day 5: Blacklist and ONIC PH clean sweep their opponents to advance

Mobile Legends M3 World Championship 2021 Playoffs Day 5: Blacklist and ONIC PH clean sweep their opponents to advance
Mobile Legends M3 World Championship 2021 Playoffs Day 5: Blacklist and ONIC PH clean sweep their opponents to advance

Mobile Legends M3 World Championship 2021 Playoffs Day 5. On Day 5 of the Playoffs stage, there were two best-of-5 match series. From the Lower Bracket Round 3, Blacklist International faced Keyd Stars. Meanwhile, RRQ Hoshi and ONIC Philippines battled in the Upper Bracket Semi-Finals. Fans were able to witness a 3-0 clean sweep in both games. Here are the match details of Playoffs Day 5 of the Mobile Legends Bang Bang M3 World Championship 2021.

Blacklist International vs Keyd Stars

  1. In the first match, Blacklist International picked Yve, Estes, Yi Sun-Shin, Uranus, and Clint. Keyd Stars went with Pharsa, Natan, Mathilda, Benedetta, and Hylos. The teams were neck-to-neck for a large part of the game.  Unfortunately, Luizz from Keyd got ambushed at a critical time that gave Blacklist control of the map. They used it to their advantage and closed the game in their favor.
  2. In the second match, Blacklist went with Bane, Clint, Pharsa, Rafaela, and Paquito. Keyd picked up Mathilda, Aldous, Luo Yi, Ling, and Esmeralda. Blacklist played aggressively and outplayed Keyd in every team fight of this match. They won the game within 13 minutes and had a flawless kill score of 11-0 as none of their heroes died even once.
  3. The third match was match point for Blacklist and they picked up Clint, Mathilda, Natan, Thamuz, and Alice. Keyd went with Lylia, Barats, Chou, Lunox, and Paquito. Blacklist continued their momentum and dictated the pace of this match too. This time also, they closed the game by the 12-minute mark with a 12-1 kill score.

With a 3-0 emphatic win over Keyd Stars, Blacklist International will now qualify for the Lower Bracket Quarter-Finals.

ONIC Philippines vs RRQ Hoshi

  1. RRQ Hoshi picked Esmeralda, Pharsa, Aldous, Roger, and Mathilda. ONIC PH went with Selena, Chou, Lancelot, Yu Zhong, and Harith. Both teams played aggressively from the start as they continuously looked for team fights. The situation was almost equal until ONIC’s Kairi completed his main items on his Lancelot and continuously picked off RRQ’s heroes with the burst damage. With this dominant performance, ONIC PH won this match.
  2. In the second match, RRQ went with Luo Yi, Esmeralda, Clint, Lancelot, and Ruby. ONIC PH picked Chou, Uranus, Lylia, Ling, and Mathilda. With their poke lineup, RRQ gained a sizeable lead in the early and mid-game. Still, they were not able to capitalize on this as ONIC PH staged a massive comeback. ONIC PH finally won the game by taking the second lord and pushing with it.
  3. At match point, ONIC PH went with Pharsa, Esmeralda, Harith, Natan, and Natalia. RRQ picked up Luo Yi, Uranus, Aldous, Lancelot, and Khufra. RRQ again gained a good lead with their better hero picks and punished ONIC’s mage-only lineup. Still, they could not finish the game early. ONIC played patiently for 25 minutes and finally came out of their empty base with fully farmed mage heroes. They outplayed RRQ one last time and won the match in the 28th minute.

After knocking down RRQ into the Lower Bracket with a 3-0 clean sweep, ONIC Philippines will move to the Upper Bracket Finals. Another major achievement during this series was that it crossed the 3.18 million peak viewership mark. This broke the earlier record of 3.08 million at the Grand Finals of the M2 World Championship. Thus, M3 World Championship 2021 has become the most-watched Mobile Legends Bang Bang tournament in history. Stay tuned with us as we bring you more updates from the Playoffs Day 6.

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