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Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Preview of the latest patch notes 1.6.42

Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Preview of the latest patch notes 1.6.42
Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Preview of the latest patch notes 1.6.42

Mobile Legends Bang Bang latest patch notes 1.6.42: Players of Mobile Legends finally received the latest patch of 1.6.42 on their devices. It was about to come out a few days ago but got delayed due to some issues. Now players can finally have access to all the new features, skins, hero and other updates in this patch. Here are all the details of this patch.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Preview of the latest patch notes 1.6.42

New Hero

Players can now get the new hero, Edith – the Forsaken Warden for completely free. They should have the Hero Exchange Token for Edith which was provided during the M3 World Championship 2021 event. Edith is the first hero of her kind in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. She is a hybrid between a tank and a marksman. In regular form, she is a melee tank using her mecha suit Phylax, but upon using her ultimate, she comes out of the suit and gains ranged attacks and skill, thus becoming a marksman.

New Skins

Players are always excited regarding new skins in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Here are some of the upcoming skins which are or will be available in the game soon.

  1. “Celestial Safeguard” for Edith will be available for 51 diamonds for the first two weeks.
  2. The unique January Starlight Skin “Operator CL”  for Clint will be available from 1st January. Players need to buy the Starlight Members to get this skin.
  3. “Ruin Protectress” for Yve will be available on 11th January for 599 diamonds. It will be 30% off in the first week.
  4. There has been a rework on all of the Christmas relates skins. The Christmas Carnival skins for Gord, Eudora, Miya and the Christmas skins for Karina, Zilong, Claude, Odette, Lancelot, Fanny, Freya are back with new display scenes and in-game effects.

Hero Changes

With the latest patch, many overpowered heroes that were dominating the game for the past few weeks have been weakened. Moreover, some heroes have been reworked or made stronger. Here is a list of all of them.

  1. Buffed Heroes: Lesley, Franco, Popol and Kupa, Badang, Cecilion.
  2. Nerfed Heroes: Aamon, Clint, Natan, Valentina.

New Map

As players who follow the lore of the Land of Dawn, they would have heard that the Celestial Palace got crumbled when Gusion stole the Heart of Anima from here. To adhere to this, the Celestial Palace map will not be available to the players from now on.

The latest lore also describes a mysterious island that has emerged from the Sea of Hope. It is called the Sanctum Island, from where the hero, Edith hails. This will be a new map option for players from now on. This map has some new designs, better graphics, and new monster effects and appearances in the game.

Event News

Here is also news regarding the current and upcoming seasons of Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

  1. Season 22 will end on 24th December 2021. Players who have attained Master or above in their Ranked games will receive Terizla “Rustwreck” skin as the Season Finale reward. 
  2. Season 23 will begin on 25th December 2021. The Season 23 First Recharge rewards are:
    1. Recharge 20 diamonds to claim Season 23 First Recharge Avatar Border for free.
    2. Recharge 20 diamonds to purchase the Season 23 First Recharge Skin – Karrie “Wheel of Time” for 100 diamonds.

Stay tuned with us as we bring you the latest updates from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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