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Mobile Legends Advance server: MLBB 1.6.02 Update brings multiple new changes

Mobile Legends Advance server: MLBB 1.6.02 Update brings multiple new changes
Mobile Legends Advance server: MLBB 1.6.02 Update brings multiple new changes

Mobile Legends Advance server: MLBB 1.6.02 Update brings multiple new changes. As we all know, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) has always been one of the most exciting MOBA games. The developers always give us a chance to participate in the advanced server. The advanced server is the test server or the beta server of the game. Every Thursday players can join the latest advanced server. About 40,000 players can participate in the advanced server. In order to play on these advanced servers, You must be eligible, The eligibility is based on two things, 

  • Your account level should be more than 15
  • you need to have a good network that provides a ping that is lower than 100.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) 1.6.02 Update: New Updates

This advanced server was released on the 23rd of July. We got a lot of new things on this advanced server. Some heroes got their abilities either nerfed or buffed. We even got two new heroes in the game on this advanced server. Many Bugs and patches were also fixed. That said the information on them is as follows.

The Updated Heroes and New Heroes

Odette – Swan Princess

  • Avian Authority got buffed. Cooldown time is now 7 seconds instead of 8 seconds.
  • Swan Song got a buff and a nerd as well. Base damage was reduced. Magic Power Bonus was reduced. Damage Reduction increased.
  • Blue Nova Was nerfed. The radius of the extra magic ball was reduced.

Aamon – Duke of Shards ( New Hero)

  • Slayer Blades were adjusted. The Malefic blades that will not hit the target will not return. Demonic blades will be left at the end of the path and you will be able to pick them up. The Target will be slowed by 60% if they are hit. Cooldown will now take 15-12.5 seconds Instead of 12-9.5 seconds.
  • Invisible Armor was buffed.  Enhanced Based attack damage is increased. Any skill cast is now able to reset the attack cooldown. Every time you use an enhanced basic attack the skill cooldown will reduce by 0.5 seconds.
  • Endless Blades were buffed and nerfed as well. The energy stack is now 5. Energy storage is now 5s. Initial Malefic Blades are now 4. The damage ratio against the targets with lower hp is now 200% Max the damage stack was also increased to 14.


  • Real-world manipulation was nerfed. Now that ability can be stopped by stun and other effects as well. But you will be given 40% of skill cooldown after your ability was stopped. (This hero is not being tested in the advanced server)

Aulus – Warrior of Ferocity (New Hero)

  • Fight Spirit is the ability that will the hero to gain fighting spirit for his axe with every basic attack. Each stack of the fighting spirit will increase the speed and damage.
  • Power of axe will help him gain Axe Blessing. This blessing will be used to increase the damage of the axe. Each basic attack will cost one stack of Axe Blessing.
  • Aulus Chargel will allow Aulus to go into a fury state that will increase his movement speed. When you will release this effect he will smash the ground, dealing damage and slowing down his enemies.
  • Undying Fury will allow Aulus to create parts for his axe with every upgrade. These upgrades will grant different parts for his axe that is the blade, hammer and handle. Those upgrades will grant him different permanent powers.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) 1.6.02 Update: Patches and Bug Fixes

Many patches and bugs were also fixed in this version of the advanced server. The Turret’s attack range was increased by 6%. And an issue regarding skill 1 of the Hero Bellerick was also fixed. I hope the developers keep on giving us these small updates that will make the gameplay experience even better.

These are all the updates we saw in the latest update of the advanced server that is version 1.6.02. The developers mostly provide us with new updates every Thursday. So most probably we are going to get the new version of the advanced server tomorrow. And this version may also end tomorrow as well. But we can never be too sure as developers love to surprise the players. That said that’s all we know until now. We will surely update you about anything we get to know.

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Pratyush Das

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