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MLBB Women’s Invitational 2022: Group Stage wrap up, and Results

MLBB Women's Invitational 2022: Group Stage wrap up, and Results
MLBB Women's Invitational 2022: Group Stage wrap up, and Results

MLBB Women’s Invitational 2022: Group Stage wrap up, and Results. The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang first-ever Women’s Invitational 2022 started off with a bang yesterday. Nine all-female teams are participating online in this tournament. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fans worldwide were able to see the gameplay of the SEA female teams for the first time and they also supported them wholeheartedly. Here are the details of how the Group Stage went down.

MLBB Women’s Invitational 2022: Group Stage

Although we have only nine teams as IDNS Elsa from Thailand had to forfeit their slot and combine with IDNS Princess from Laos because of operational difficulties, the matches in the Group Stage were still exciting. The teams had already been divided into two groups beforehand with five teams in Group A and four teams in Group B.

The teams in each group played best-of-1 match series against each other. There were also tie-breaker matches held for determining the standings in Group A. After a two-day Single Round Robin format where all teams fought each other, the results of each group are as follows.


  • 1st Place: GPX Basreng. They have topped Group A by winning all of their four matches with a 4-0 score. As the representatives from Indonesia, many people expected this result as the esports scene of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in Indonesia is very competitive and developed.
  • 2nd Place: Karra. The representative team from Malaysia surprised everyone by coming in 2nd place in Group A. Although they were tied with IDNS Princess and Omega Empress for the 2nd Spot, they defeated both teams in the tie-breaker series. Thus this helped them to get a 3-2 score.
  • 3rd Place: Omega Empress. Failing to beat Karra, the Filipino representative team will stay in 3rd place in Group A with a 2-2 score in the group stage.
  • 4th Place: IDNS Princess. Having just formed a new team after combining their Laos and Thailand groups, they did not get time to smoothen out their gameplay as they made various mistakes in team fights. Thus, they lost to Karra in the tie-breaker and will stay in 4th place with a 2-3 score.
  • 5th Place: Impunity Scarlets. The representatives from Cambodia performed poorly as they lost all four of their matches on the Group Stage. They stand last with a 0-4 score.


  • 1st Place: Bigetron Era. The winners of WSL Season 4 continued their form and have topped Group B by winning all three of their matches. They have a 3-0 score.
  • 2nd Place: Bren Victress. The Filipino representative team stand in the second spot by losing only against Bigetron Era in the group stage. They have a 2-1 score.
  • 3rd Place: On Air Pipol. The Malaysian representatives stand in third place with a 1-2 match score.
  • 4th Place: Lugiami. The female team from Singapore stands at the last spot as they lost all their matches against the teams of Group B. They have a 0-3 score.

These are the results of the Group Stage of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Women’s Invitational 2022. The playoffs will take place on 29th and 30th January. Stay with us as we bring you the latest updates from the ongoing tournament.

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