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Men of War 2 Release Date Announced: Check its Dope Trailer and Features

Men of War 2 Release Date Announced: Check its Dope Trailer and Features
Men of War 2 Release Date Announced: Check its Dope Trailer and Features

Men of War 2, the much-anticipated successor to the critically renowned real-time strategy series Men of War, has been announced. It will be released in 2022 by Best Way, the same studio that produced the first two games in the series, Men of War and Soldiers: Heroes of World War 2. After a plethora of expansions and spin-offs since its first release, Men of War II returns to the series’ basics to rebuild and reimagine real-time strategy gameplay.

The campaign will be divided into two tales set on the Eastern and Western fronts of World War, with players being able to play as both Soviet and Western Allied soldiers.


The Eastern part of the campaign will follow Allied forces as they strive to liberate Normandy from Axis capture in the aftermath of D-Day. Meanwhile, the campaign’s Soviet part will take place during Operation Barbarossa, when Russian forces struggled to defend their country against German invasion.

What do Men of War 2 offers?

Single-player campaigns: Players take on the role of the Allies or the Soviets in two different story campaigns in which they fight the Third Reich. In addition, war heroes play a significant role in this.

PvP and co-op modes: This game has the ideal multiplayer gameplay for your pals. You can play against or with your friends in competitive and cooperative modes.

With three factions (Allies, Soviets, and Germans), 45 battalions, and over 300 vehicles, Men of War 2 aims to outperform its predecessor and provide an even greater spectrum of strategies. Players should be able to control and personalize each individual unit using the Direct Control capability.

Large, physics-based battlefields: rumbling through buildings with tanks, blasting coverings with artillery to pieces, blowing up bridges with explosives. A complex physics simulation should make the battlefields feel as close as possible and authentic.


Men of War 2 Release Date

The Men of War 2 will be released on Steam for PC in 2022, according to an announcement made at the Golden Joystick Awards 2021, which highlighted some of the new and exciting features that the series’ original developer has planned for the next installment.

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