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MAD Lions crowned as the champions of 2021 LEC Summer, defeating Fnatic in Grand Finals

MAD Lions Crowned as the Champions of 2021 LEC Summer, defeating Fnatic in Grand Finals

MAD Lions Crowned as the Champions of 2021 LEC Summer, defeating Fnatic in Grand Finals. MAD Lions lead the pack in Europe, edging out Fnatic for a second consecutive title by winning LEC 2021 Summer before playing Worlds 2021 at home. LEC 2021 Summer Season ends after a difficult season in which squads competed for a spot in Worlds 2021 with a legendary matchup between two highly renowned squads in Europe. 

MAD Lions, who came into the final instance energized, looking to defend their title after a year in which they finished third and had a fantastic playoff run in which they lost only one game to G2. In the meantime, Fnatic had a tough time getting here, after finishing fifth in the European league, going through the whole losers bracket, and eliminating G2 Esports to qualify.

Match 1

MAD Lions won the first game with a clever top lane ambush, as the grand finals began with a close first game. There was a lot of action between the two teams after this, with Fnatic gaining the first objectives, but MAD Lions responding with fantastic offense and kills.

As this duel came to an end, FNATIC tried to provoke their opponents to take the initiative, but MAD Lions responded effectively by taking the first point of the match with a quadra kill from Humanoid.

Match 2

Immediately after the start of the second game, Fnatic was able to take a few kills in bot lane. FNC would continue to exert pressure in this way. Although MAD was able to fight it even with an Elyoya Baron steal, they could not stop the total dominance of their opponents, tying the series.

Match 3

As for Fnatic, their third match would be the death knell. Though it started slowly, MAD’s champions benefited from Bwipo, Fnatic’s jungler, pushing too hard and having his opponents quickly finish him off and take the dragon.

A few minutes later, Fnatic took the second dragon of the game, but their opponents remained patient and created an advantage they could not reverse, ensuring victory after 32 minutes with a difference of almost 18K gold.

Match 4

It was a similar start to the last game in the series, with Fnatic taking first blood after teleporting Nisqy, and MAD eliminating Adam in the top lane. There would be several skirmishes in the following minutes as both teams traded killings aggressively.

A dragon was secured by Fnatic shortly after the game started and MAD Lions made several quick kills midway through the game to put themselves in the lead before heading into a decisive team fight the dragon. In the end, Fnatic would secure the dragon, but MAD would take the lead at the end of a great exchange.

In response, MAD Lions secured the Baron, and Fnatic began to slowly suffocate as they were pushed even further forward. Eventually, Mad was able to kill another Baron, pushing him out of the field. As a result, MAD Lions would soon dispose of all hopes Fnatic had of winning the fourth match after a bot lane fight.

By achieving back-to-back titles, MAD Lions become the third team in history to achieve it, following Fnatic and G2. They also cement their prime position against the league’s competitors, as they begin to represent the LEC as a first seed at home for the season. Worlds 2021

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