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M4 World Championship Knockout Stage Day 5: Falcon and Blacklist triumph, MLBB peak viewership records broken


M4 World Championship Knockout Stage Day 5: Falcon and Blacklist triumph, MLBB Peak viewership records broken – The M4 World Championship 2023 is going on in full swing. Today, Falcon Esports took on Incendio Supremacy in the Lower Bracket while Blacklist International faced off against RRQ Hoshi. Both series were quite intense as they got extended to game 5 to decide the winners. Even last year’s M3 peak viewership records were broken. Here is a recap of all that went down today at Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M4 World Championship.

M4 World Championship Knockout Stage Day 5


It was a close series between Myanmar’s Falcon Esports and the Turkish Incendio Supremacy. While Falcon took the first game, Incendio bounced back and even took back-to-back games to gain a 2-1 lead. Incendio’s AD carry Sunshine was the MVP in both games.

But Falcon did not back down. They out-drafted their opponents to win 2 continuous games and clinch the series in their favor.


This clash was one of the most anticipated ones of the tournament. The giants from Philippines and Indonesia, Blacklist International and RRQ Hoshi respectively, faced off against each other in the Upper Bracket. This series also went on to game 5 to decide the winner.

While RRQ tried to break Blacklist’s momentum in the final game, it was the Filipino champions who prevailed at last. The series was also highly popular as fans from both these countries flocked to watch their representatives battle it out. By game 5, the peak viewership had crossed a massive 4.2 million mark. This easily overcomes the 3.1 million M3 World Championship 2022 peak viewership record.

It was a good day for MLBB fans as they got to witness the peak performance and gameplay of the competing teams. Both series going into game 5 shows that the teams are giving their all to win and advance further in the tournament.

Unfortunately, Incendio Supremacy’s journey ends here after the loss. Meanwhile, RRQ Hoshi will now face Falcon Esports in the Lower Bracket. Blacklist International moves on to the Upper Bracket finals. They are just one win away from getting a chance to defend their title at the M4 Grand Finals.

Stay tuned to get more of such latest updates from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and its esports scene.

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