Ludwig on Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo scam: “But it should be illegal.”

Ludwig on Logan Paul's CryptoZoo scam: "But it should be illegal."

Ludwig on Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo scam: “But it should be illegal.” Popular YouTuber Ludwig slammed Logan Paul following the CryptoZoo project failure and his inability to own up to his mistakes. He also claimed that he once considered Logan’s content to be “amazing” which now only works to “hype” things up.

Following the exposure of his CryptoZoo project by YouTube investigator Stephen ‘Coffeezilla’ Findeisen, Logan Paul is once again making news that started in 2020 but was abandoned after two years, costing investors millions.

Ludwig on Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo scam: “But it should be illegal.”

In one of Ludwig’s latest streams, he explained his take on this issue and said, “Although Logan Paul might have a renowned ability to hype things up, it seems like he has no ability to actually create something of value or stick to his word,”   According to Findeisen, Ludwig described CryptoZoo as “looking like a pyramid scheme” since it solicited investments from friends and family before going public with the token through an announcement.

Ludwig contends that the harm has already been done and that his “redemption trail” has been damaged despite Logan Paul’s current efforts to repair his reputation.  “They’re trading, but it’s on the inside ⁠— which is legal because there’s no regulation,” Ludwig explained. “But it should be illegal.”

“Why did it take somebody making a three-part docu-series to finally own up to your f**k ups and mistakes? He was super happy to sell his crypto eggs for $2.5 million. He was super happy to sell millions of dollars of CryptoZoo token, but not so happy to actually man up when he needed to on a project that he said, in his own words, would make people money.”

“[It’s] super disappointing to see from somebody who I thought was on a redemption trail, who had matured quite a bit, whose content I thought was amazing. “But it seems like Logan Paul’s main ability is to hype things up, make a lot of attention around things… but not to follow through and be a good, ethical, and moral actor.”

Ludwig, though, focused most of his criticism on Logan Paul’s handling of the PR fallout. He had two years to correct all the issues with CryptoZoo, which despite promises was never developed into a full-fledged game but waited until Coffeezilla’s series to do it.

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