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LosPollosTV breaks longest livestream record on Twitch

Image Via Twitch

In these quarantine days, when everyone is busy staying at home freely many people are setting up records. Recently, a new world record of the longest-ever uninterrupted live stream has been created by a streamer. Twitch streamer Louis “LosPollosTV” Sammartinos is the new record holder for the longest uninterrupted live stream on any platform. The twitch streamer created the record of live streaming for 195 hours 36 min 17sec.

LosPollos Tv started creating content in 2015 by posting videos,1vs1 fights and much more. In 2018, he played games late night and now he is one of the best late-night streamers. He streams NBA 2K20, FORTNITE, UNO & Call Of Duty.

To create the world record Louis began his stream on 29 March with a note that he will keep extending the session by 2 minutes for every new subscription. He probably thought that he would get a few subscriptions on his channel and the stream would go for a couple of hours. But the streamer got intense support from his fans that helped him to reach his goal.

Guinness World Records said,

“The record for the longest-ever uninterrupted live stream belonged to Hulu, whose social team and special guests had orchestrated a broadcast that lasted for 161 hours, 11 minutes, and 32 seconds back in May of 2019.”

As soon as Louis hit 100+ hours stream non-stop, he got a strong feeling that the record could break with the help of his subs and supporters.

His family helped him throughout the stream in achieving this world record. His father and brother were always there so he can take some rest so that he doesn’t damage his health.

During the stream, some fans put any allegations on him of taking drugs to keep going so long without taking any rest but it was cleared by the streamer that he was not under the influence of any medicine and drugs.

It’s a great effort by taken by Loius, to set up a new world record of the longest stream. This will motivate more steamers to bring out new ideas of creating some amazing world records.

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