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LoL Worlds 2022: Teams from LCS and LPL make it to League of Legends World Championship

LoL Worlds 2022: Teams from LCS and LPL make it to League of Legends World Championship

Two more teams qualify for LoL Worlds 2022 – We now have two more esports teams that have booked their spot in the League of Legends World Championship this year. One is from the North American LCS region and another is from China’s LPL region. Here are the two teams.

Cloud9: LCS representative

Cloud9 becomes the second team to qualify for Worlds from the LCS. The team had a fourth-place finish in the 2022 LCS Spring. In the summer split, they have made it to the upper bracket semifinals and will face Evil Geniuses there.

It must be known that Cloud9 has qualified for the Play-In stage of Worlds currently. The team needs to win the summer split title to get directly into the group stage of the tournament.

JD Gaming: LPL representative

JD Gaming or JDG becomes the second team from LPL to make it to the Worlds this year. The team finished fourth in the 2022 LPL Spring. They have also shown a dominating performance in the summer split.

From getting second place in the regular season to reaching the grand finals of 2022 LPL Summer, JDG has impressed everyone. Irrespective of whether they win the summer title or not, they have already booked their spot in the Worlds Group Stage.

Adding these two, we now have a total of 10 teams that will go to Worlds 2022, participating either in the Group Stage or the Play-Ins of League of Legends World Championship 2022. The other teams are:

  • Gen.G (LCK winner)
  • T1 (LCK runner-up)
  • Top Esports (qualified for LPL grand finals)
  • MAD Lions (LEC playoffs)
  • G2 Esports (LEC playoffs)
  • Rogue (LEC playoffs)
  • 100 Thieves (LCS playoffs)
  • Isurus (LLA Closing winner)

We will provide you with constant updates as more teams make it to LoL Worlds 2022 or some new information about the event gets revealed. Stay tuned with us.

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