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LoL Worlds 2022 Semifinals Day 2: DRX’s miracle run continues as they beat Gen.G to reach Grand Finals

LoL Worlds 2022 Semifinals Day 2: DRX's miracle run continues as they beat Gen.G to reach Grand Finals

LoL Worlds 2022 Semifinals Day 2: DRX’s miracle run continues as they beat Gen.G to reach Grand Finals – DRX silenced all their critics and doubters during the second Semifinals match against Gen.G. They beat the LCK first-seed team to reach the Grand Finals stage, a feat that was deemed impossible by many. Let us take a look at the recap of this amazing series between the two Korean teams.

LoL Worlds 2022: Semifinals Day 2

gen.g VS drx


Fans saw the usual dominant Gen.G gameplay in the first game. They were consistent and clinical, not allowing DRX to gain any foothold in the match. The entire Gen.G team played exceptionally as they closed out the game within 30 minutes. Hence, the LCK first seed started strong in the series with a lead.


It seemed as if Gen.G who walk away with this game too, but DRX’s mid-laner Zeka turned the game. His Ahri played always targetted Gen.G’s ADC which made them play on the back foot. Using this space, DRX was able to secure crucial map objectives and win the game to equalize the series.


In this game, Zeka’s Akali, Pyosik’s Viego, and Kingen’s Ornn got an early lead for DRX. We saw many amazing performances from the trio as they made short work of the Gen.G side. Only Ruler’s Ezreal posed a significant threat but even he was neutralized as DRX closed out the game and took a 2-1 lead.


It was match point for DRX and they completely out-drafted Gen.G in this game. Although Gen.G was able to keep the game even, thanks to Ruler’s performance on Xayah, they fell off in the late game. DRX’s composition was more effective in late-game team fights and they used it to get key map objectives. From here, DRX won the game easily and secure the series 3-1.

Gen.G looked completely out of form in this series against DRX. Hence, the exit of LCK’s first seed was not predicted by anyone previously. On the other hand, DRX played to their strengths and made a comeback after the first game loss. It will be the first time that the organization and its players will make an appearance at a League of Legends World Championship Grand Finals.

Stay tuned to get more such updates from the game and the ongoing LoL Worlds 2022 tournament.

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