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LoL Worlds 2022 Quarterfinals Day 2: T1 takes revenge on RNG for MSI 2022, advances to semifinals

LoL Worlds 2022 Quarterfinals Day 2: T1 takes revenge on RNG for MSI 2022, advances to semifinals

LoL Worlds 2022 Quarterfinals Day 2: T1 takes revenge on RNG for MSI 2022, advances to semifinals – In the second Quarterfinals of League of Legends 2022 World Championship, T1 and Royal Never Give Up battled against each other. It was a sort of MSI 2022 rematch with higher stakes. But this time, it was T1 who triumphed and enacted revenge against RNG for their MSI loss.

Even though T1 clean-swept RNG 3-0, both teams were neck-to-neck in the series. There were times when T1 was completely on the backfoot and had to perform insane plays to make a comeback. Ultimately, they reigned supreme to advance further in the tournament.

Here is the recap of the series between them.

LoL Worlds 2022: Quarterfinals Day 2

T1 VS Royal never give up

In the first game of the series, RNG picked up diving champions while T1 focused on picking crowd-controlling champions. RNG was able to fight on equal grounds in the early stages. But they got cc’ed and melted by fed T1 champions during the late game. Still, RNG held on for 38 minutes until T1 destroyed their nexus.


The previous loss did not faze RNG as they played more aggressively in the second match. T1 players were constantly ganked in lanes and ambushed whenever they were out of position. It was only after sneakily killing the first Baron that T1 found some foothold. After claiming the next Baron too, T1 reversed the situation and closed out the game in 41 minutes.


With their back against the wall, RNG picked up a scaling lineup in the third match. Unfortunately for them, T1 had momentum on their side after winning 2 matches and played exceptionally. The LCK second seed was able to take lead from the mid-game and slowly snowball the match away from RNG. The Koreans closed the game quite comfortably in 26 minutes, completing a 3-0 clean sweep.

Despite the amazing performances of RNG players, it was not enough to keep them alive in the tournament. T1 got their revenge on the LPL team for their MSI 2022 grand finals loss and will now go to play in the LoL Worlds 2022 Semifinals.

They will face another in-form LPL team, JD Gaming, and must win to book their spot in the Grand Finals. On the other hand, RNG’s journey at Worlds ends here.

Stay tuned to get the latest news from the ongoing Worlds 2022 tournament and League of Legends in-game updates.

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