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LoL Worlds 2022 Play-Ins Day 2: Here is the recap of Play-Ins Day 2 at League of Legends World Championship 2022

LoL Worlds 2022 Play-Ins Day 2: Here is the recap of Play-Ins Day 2 at League of Legends World Championship 2022

LoL Worlds 2022 Play-Ins Day 2 – On the second day of LoL Worlds 2022 Play-Ins, the results were as expected. We saw the teams from the major regions dominate and secure wins. Although they received some competition, it was not enough to turn the tables against them. Here is the recap of Play-Ins Day 2 at League of Legends World Championship 2022.

LoL Worlds 2022: Play-Ins Day 2

fnatic vs detonation focusme

DFM started strong in the first match of Play-Ins Day 2. But they were not able to capitalize on this advantage. Humanoid helped Fnatic gain momentum in the late game and secure the match for his team.

evil geniuses vs loud

The NA third seed was almost on the cusp of receiving their second upset by the Brazilian team. LOUD owned the map until losing the first Baron to EG. From there, EG jumped back and secured their first win in the Play-Ins stage.

saigon buffalo vs isurus

This was a one-sided game. Saigon was able to secure almost every map objective and snowballed the game away from Isurus. Shogun also got his first pentakill in Worlds and went on to successfully destroy the enemy Nexus.

detonation focusme vs chief esports club

Although Chief Esports gave a tough fight to DFM, they were not able to put a stop to the enemy’s scaling lineup. DFM steadily built up their lead from the mid-game until eventually registering a win by the 30-minute mark.

evil geniuses vs beyond gaming

It felt like all EG needed to come back in form was a single victory. In their second match of Play-Ins Day 2, they completely swept away Beyond Gaming to register their second win in this stage.

drx vs saigon buffalo

We saw the in-form DRX grab the fastest win of the day against Saigon. The Vietnamese team was routed by DRX during the mid-game and lost the match within 25 minutes.

mad lions vs royal never give up

MAD’s win streak was finally halted by RNG. The LPL fourth seed dominated LEC’s fourth seed, clearly showing that they are still the favorites to advance onto the Group Stage behind DRX.

Istanbul wildcats vs drx

This was also a quick game secured by DRX. Istanbul Wildcats were not able to keep up with DRX’s aggression and finally lost the game by 26 minutes. It seems that the LCK fourth seed will likely be the top team to advance to Group Stage from Play-Ins.

Although there weren’t any upsets in Play-Ins Day 2, fans still witnessed some fine performances from teams. DRX and Fnatic attain the top positions in their respective groups and are looking to be the teams that will directly qualify for the Group Stage.

As we move into the final two days of this stage, the competition will only heat up. Stay tuned to get more such updates from the ongoing LoL Worlds 2022 and League of Legends.

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