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LoL Worlds 2022 Group Stage Day 8: Gen.G and RNG advance to the next stage, Here is the recap

LoL Worlds 2022 Group Stage Day 8: Gen.G and RNG advance to the next stage, Here is the recap

LoL Worlds 2022 Group Stage Day 8: Gen.G and RNG advance to the next stage, Here is the recap – The eighth day of League of Legends 2022 World Championship Group Stage gave us the final two teams that qualified for the next stage. It was the LCK and LPL teams in Group D that came out on top, beating their opponents from other regions. Gen.G and RNG made it to the Knockout Stage.

Let us look at the recap of Worlds Group Stage Day 8.

LoL Worlds 2022: Group Stage Day 8

100 thieves vs ctbc flying oyster

With the trend of LCS teams getting at least 1 win in the Group Stage, 100 Thieves fulfilled this against CTBC Flying Oyster. We saw the best gameplay of 100 Thieves yet in this tournament. They completely crushed CFO, securing almost all map objectives, and winning the game in 31 minutes.

ctbc flying oysters vs gen.g

Although CFO tried to fight back against Gen.G, the 2022 LCK Summer champions did not give them a chance. Gen.G cleared almost all map objectives and defeated CFO in a dominating fashion. Peanut, Chovy, and Ruler shined in this match.

Royal never give up vs 100 thieves

100 Thieves started strong in this game, gaining a significant lead over RNG. Unfortunately, they still failed to translate this lead into a win as the LPL fourth seed made an amazing comeback. Xiaohu’s Akali was the key here, helping RNG bounce back and secure a win. With this loss, 100 Thieves got eliminate from the tournament.

gen.g vs 100 thieves

It seemed like the previous loss affected 100 Thieves’ morale. They performed too poorly in this match as Gen.G got an easy win over them. Not only was Gen.G able to secure all map objectives, but they also closed out the game quickly in 25 minutes.

ctbc flying oyster vs royal never give up

RNG’s momentum looked unstoppable as they were able to make short work of CFO. Despite the struggles of the 2022 PCS Summer winners, RNG had a strong command of the game. GALA’s Lucien and Xiaohu’s Ahri carried them to register their fifth win in the LoL Worlds 2022 Group Stage.

royal never give up vs gen.g

RNG’s win streak was finally broken by Gen.G. We saw some top performances from the Gen.G side as they shut down their opponent’s plays. The 2022 LCK Summer winners were able to bag the game within 27 minutes, equalizing RNG’s score in Group D. It earned them a tie-breaker rematch to determine who will take the first spot in the group.

tie breaker – gen.g vs royal never give up

Gen.G seemed to have finally found their groove back as they won the tiebreaker match against RNG quite promisingly. Doran, Chovy, and Ruler popped off in the late game and crushed the enemy team in skirmishes. Gen.G secured the game in 24 minutes and took the top spot in Group D.

By the end of the day, we finally had the final two teams qualify for the next stage, concluding the LoL Worlds 2022 Group Stage. On day 8, Gen.G and RNG joined the other two teams that will face each other in the Knockout Stage (quarterfinals) of the tournament. For 100 Thieves and CFO, their Worlds journey ends here.

Stay tuned to get the latest news from the ongoing Worlds 2022 tournament and League of Legends in-game updates.

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