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LoL Worlds 2022 Group Stage Day 7: DRX and Rogue advance to the next stage, Here is the recap


LoL Worlds 2022 Group Stage Day 7: DRX and Rogue advance to the next stage, Here is the recap – The seventh day of the League of Legends 2022 World Championship Group Stage had some of the best matches so far. It was the Group C teams that fought and fans saw upsets as well as comebacks. By the end of the day, Rogue became the first western team to advance to the next stage along with DRX.

Let us look at the recap of Worlds Group Stage Day 7.

LoL Worlds 2022: Group Stage Day 7

rogue vs gam esports

The game kicked off with a dominant performance from the 2022 LEC Summer champions. Although GAM fought back hard and kept the gold even for quite some time, Rogue was able to pop off in the later stages. They shut down GAM and successfully destroyed the enemy nexus by 30 minutes.

gam esports vs top esports

Nobody expected this to be the most entertaining match of the tournament. Despite TOP’s massive gold lead, GAM fought head-to-head against them. The VCS representatives never surrendered and were able to get important map objectives to stay alive. Even when they were on the cusp of losing, GAM pulled off an incredible defense to make a comeback and defeat TOP.

drx vs rogue

By this time, Rogue’s undefeated streak had already earned them a spot in LoL Worlds 2022 Knockout Stage. But DRX was determined to win here. They picked up Heimerdinger support which worked superbly for the LCK team. Rogue’s lineup just fell off as DRX secured the game in 30 minutes.

drx vs gam esports

GAM had been eliminated from Worlds at this point but they still looked poised to go down fighting. DRX knew this and hence they played patiently against the enemy’s unorthodox picks. They did not fall for GAM’s baits and were slowly able to gain an insurmountable lead against the 2022 VCS Summer winners. DRX closed the game within 31 minutes.

top esports vs rogue

It seemed that Rogue’s luck had run out today as they were again dominated by another team. Even after getting eliminated, TOP played to the best of their abilities. With the help of JackeyLove’s Draven, the LPL second seed shut down all of Rogue’s plays to earn a quick, easy win by 24 minutes.

top esports vs drx

TOP looked to end their journey at LoL Worlds 2022 with a win and they fulfilled it in style. We saw JackeyLove again stepping up to punish the enemy team, this time DRX. The LCK fourth seed could not answer TOP’s aggressive plays and was finally defeated by 34 minutes. This loss forced a tie-breaker match between DRX and Rogue for first place in Group C.

tie breaker – drx vs rogue

This was a key match for both teams and the players gave their all in it. DRX’s lineup looked better and they were able to turn the match in their favor by winning skirmishes from the mid-game. Rogue just fell short as they were outmatched in rotations by DRX. The LCK fourth seed emerged victorious by 24 minutes and earned first place in Group C.

This was an intense day of LoL Worlds 2022 Group Stage. None of the matches looked completely one-sided as all four teams fought tooth and nail to stay alive in the tournament. Ultimately, DRX and Rogue make it to the next stage while TOP Esports and GAM Esports get eliminated.

Stay tuned to get the latest news from the ongoing Worlds 2022 tournament and League of Legends in-game updates.

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