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LoL Worlds 2022 Group Stage Day 1: Main stage event kicks off with surprising results, Here is the recap

LoL Worlds 2022 Group Stage Day 1: Main stage event kicks off with surprising results, Here is the recap

LoL Worlds 2022 Group Stage Day 1: Main stage event kicks off with surprising results, Here is the recap – The Group Stage of League of Legends 2022 World Championship began today. On the first day, many top teams competed against each other and the results of some matches surprised everyone. Let us look at the recap of LoL Worlds 2022 Group Stage Day 1.

LoL Worlds 2022: Group Stage Day 1

cloud9 vs fnatic

The opening match of the Group Stage was the classic NA vs EU rivalry. While Cloud9 looked great at the start of the match, Fnatic shut them down in the late game. The EU team took the first Baron and Mountain Soul to close the game by 32 minutes. Fnatic secures their first win in this stage.

g2 esports vs dwg kia

Another rivalry between EU and LCK was ignited in the next match. DWG KIA and G2 Esports went head-to-head in the second game of Day one. Damwon completely dominated G2 thanks to ShowMaker’s amazing plays. They secured almost every map objective and won their first game by 32 minutes.

ctbc flying oyster vs 100 thieves

Fans witnessed the first upset of the day here. Many considered 100 Thieves as favorites going into the match. But it was the PCS representatives that came out on top and won the game. Oyster’s AD Carry, Shun completely dominated the NA team, building up an impressive 10/0/1 KDA.

jd gaming vs evil geniuses

The 2022 LPL Summer winners gave NA its second loss of the day. The result of this match was not surprising as JD Gaming completely shut down Evil Geniuses. Despite EG managing to ace JDG once, the jungle diff helped the LPL first seed make a comeback. Kanavi’s Viego’s 12/1/9 outshone the enemy team, carrying JDG to victory.

t1 vs edward gaming

Both teams had a lot to prove in this match. Despite being the defending champions, EDG’s form has been quite shaky. On the other hand, many doubted T1’s chances this year after they got clean-swept in the 2022 LCK Summer grand finals. Ultimately, it was T1 who triumphed over EDG to begin their Worlds journey with a win.

gen.g vs royal never give up

While Gen.G is considered the favorite to win Summoner’s Cup this year, RNG’s victory shut down its hype train. Coming from the Play-Ins, the LPL third seed was in top form and countered Gen.G’s unorthodox picks quite beautifully. They secured all map objectives and won the game in 30 minutes.

After a grueling day of matches, here are the final standings of teams in different groups after Group Stage Day 1.

Stay tuned with us if you want to catch the latest updates from the ongoing LoL Worlds 2022.

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