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LoL Worlds 2022: Champions Queue will return to North America during the Worlds tournament

LoL Worlds 2022: Champions Queue will return to North America during the Worlds tournament

LoL Worlds 2022: Champions Queue will return to North America during the Worlds tournament – As the League of Legends World Championship returns to North America, Riot Games has planned something to celebrate this occasion. They are going to open the Champions Queue to all teams competing at Worlds. This will be available throughout the duration of the tournament.

Thus, during the Worlds 2022 tournament, North America’s top players will get to play with the best players from different regions. The Champions Queue will provide a refined, high-elo matchmaking service to both the international stars and the best players from the NA region.

LoL Worlds 2022: Champions Queue

During the tournament, Riot Games will move Champions Queue to the server closest to the event locations. It will allow them to provide a low latency environment throughout the multi-city Worlds procession. Thus, during the Play-Ins, it will be in Mexico City. The Groups will be hosted in Chicago. And for the Finals, the Champions Queue will also move to Los Angeles.

All matches in Champions Queue will be played on the Worlds Patch (12.18). It will also support zero-delay streaming by any player or spectator that has access to it. If there is any suspicion of ghosting, players will be immediately removed from it.

How to get into Champions Queue

To get access to the Champions Queue, the following steps must be followed:

  • All the already existing players will be directly eligible for it. But they will only be granted participation access after a review by the CQ Council.
  • The international pro players that will either be competing at LoL Worlds 2022 or will be traveling to the region will be able to request access through the local esports office in a Worlds-qualifying league region.
  • Riot Games has also decided to expand the spectator pool. It will be offering streaming access to select content creators globally.
  • Any content creator that is interested in this must contact their local LPP manager so as to request access. The only catch will be that they are prohibited from streaming Champions Queue the live Worlds tournament broadcast.
Things to note regarding Champions Queue

Like previous seasons, Champions Queue will feature integrated voice comms, an MMR system, and a redesigned, Worlds-themed public leaderboard. Fans can check out the leaderboard to see if their favorite players can climb higher.

To ensure that the Champions Queue does not impact the regional solo queue too much, it will only run for limited, predetermined windows during the Worlds tournament. As it is going to be the practice place for the pro players where they can hone their gameplay, there will be no rewards given to participants.

The reintroduction of Champions Queue will bring a massive boost to North America’s competitive scene. Stay tuned to get more such latest updates regarding League of Legends and the upcoming World Championship tournament.

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