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LOL Worlds 2021: EDG overcome RNG after an exciting 3-2 series and advanced to the Semi-Finals

LOL Worlds 2021: EDG overcome RNG after an exciting 3-2 series and advanced to the Semi-Finals

Most analysts favored Royal Never Give Up, the Mid-Season Invitational winners, to win here because of their excellent form and momentum. But in this back and forth best of 5 series, EDward Gaming was victorious with a 3-2 win over Royal Never Give Up and will now carry LPL’s hope for the Summoner’s Cup into the Semi-Finals. LOL Worlds 2021

1st Match

The first match of the best of 5 series saw some unique picks. EDG went with Jayce on Flandre, Jarvan IV on JieJie, Lucien on Viper, Nami on Meiko, and the unique pick of Malzahar on Scout. RNG had Nautilus on Ming, Aphelios on GALA, Ryze on Cryin, Xin Zhao on Wei, and Irelia on Xiaohu.

RNG had good positioning and was in perfect flow throughout the match. They made good ganks, took kills at crucial moments, and were able to take both the Rift Heralds, the first three dragons, Ocean Soul Dragon, and even the first Baron. When EDG got 4 members wiped fighting for the Elder Dragon, RNG rushed for the base and closed the game before 30 minutes.

Score: RNG 1-0 EDG

2nd Match

In the second match, EDG won the drafting phase by picking the Yuumi and Olaf combo on Meiko and JieJie respectively. Viper got Ezreal, Scout got Ryze and Flandre got Graves. RNG went with their standard picks of Jayce on Xiaohu, Xin Zhao on Wei, Miss Fortune on GALA, Alistar on Ming and an uncommon Annie pick on Cryin.

EDG’s poke-heavy picks were able to build up a lead as Olaf jungled way faster than Xin Zhao and his Ragnarok ultimate along with Yuumi became unstoppable in team fights. EDG was able to develop a massive gold lead of 12k over RNG and closed the game at the 27th minute by getting an ace on RNG players.

Score: RNG 1-1 EDG

3rd Match

RNG picked a crowd control heavy lineup in this match with Galio on Cryin, Rakan on Ming, Xin Zhao on Wei, Miss Fortune on GALA, and Lucien on Xiaohu. EDG picked a similar lineup, JieJie got Olaf, Flandre got Graves, Viper got Aphelios, Meiko got Lulu and Scout went with the unique Azir pick.

While EDG was farming faster and developed a lead of 4k gold by the middle game, RNG was able to pick off EDG players, especially Flandre. But it was JieJie’s Olaf who became the jungle difference in this close match. He was able to steal Baron two times for EDG right in front of the RNG’s 5 man team. With this extra boost and Viper’s Aphelios dealing huge damage, EDG closed the game just before the 38th minute.

Score: RNG 1-2 EDG

4th Match

EDG got Meiko back on Yuumi in this match along with JieJie on Xin Zhao, Scout on Ryze, Flandre on Graves, and Viper on Miss Fortune. RNG had a strong crowd control lineup for this fight as they had Xiaohu on Kennen, Wei on Jarvan IV, Cryin on Annie, Ming on Lulu, and GALA on Aphelios.

RNG was fearless and played an aggressive style throughout the game. The first RNG Rift Herald release at the bottom tower in the 12th minute saw EDG losing all their 5 members for just Wei on RNG. EDG was often caught out of position and got punished every time. RNG got Baron in the 26th minute and ended the game in the next 2 minutes.

Score: RNG 2-2 EDG

5th Match

EDG went with their comfort picks. Flandre went with Graves, JieJie on Jarvan IV, Scout on Ryze, Viper on Ezreal, and Meiko on Yuumi. RNG went with a late-game scaling pick to counter EDG. Xiaoshu on Gwen, Cryin on Orianna, GALA on Miss Fortune, Wei on Lee Sin, and Ming on Nautilus.

At the 14th minute, both teams engaged on a 5v5 at the bottom lane and EDG came on top, killing the entire 5 men RNG team without suffering any loss and gaining a 5k gold lead. After claiming the first Baron, EDG aced RNG and won the match in the 28th minute.

Score: RNG 2-3 EDG

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