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Worlds 2021: Damwon KIA sweep MAD Lions 3-0 and will now face T1 at the Semi-Finals

LOL Worlds 2021: Damwon KIA sweep MAD Lions 3-0 and will now face T1 at the Semi-Finals

While MAD Lions have been the comeback kings in Worlds 2021 Group Stage, their magic did not work against the superior performance of Damwon KIA, who stomped them with a 3-0 clean sweep. DWG KIA continues its undefeated streak and is looking in the best shape to defend their League of Legends World Championship title this year.

1st Match

MAD Lions went with their comfort picks, Armut picked Gnar, Elyoya took Graves, Humanoid chose Orianna, Carzzy picked Aphelios and Kaiser took Leona. On the other hand, Damwon KIA secured their late-game by picking Gwen on Khan, Miss Fortune on Ghost, Syndra on ShowMaker, Rakan on BeryL, and Lee Sin on Canyon. Worlds 2021

While the early game was somewhat even between two teams, Damwon picked up pace after 12 minutes by consistently ganking MAD and picking off kills. After taking the Baron in the 27th minute, Damwon was able to end the game with a 16-3 kill score.

2nd Match

In the second match, MAD Lions picked Jayce on Armut, Jarvan IV on Elyoya, Orianna on Humanoid, Miss Fortune on Carzzy, and Rakan on Kaiser. Damwon KIA picked Kennen on Khan, Lee Sin on Canyon, Azir on ShowMaker, Jhin on Ghost, and Leona on BeryL. MAD looked to shut down Khan’s Kennen on the top lane as they ganked him continuously in the early game.

While Damwon fell back in the early game, they farmed patiently and were able to come back after their damage dealers had their crucial items. From the mid-game, Damwon was able to come on top in team fights whenever MAD engaged them. MAD Lions got the Mountain Soul Dragon but Damwon KIA was able to wipe them out in multiple team fights. Thus, Damwon came back and won the 2nd match in the 35th minute.

3rd Match

As Damwon KIA was on the match point, they picked a good combination of champions. Khan picked Jayce, Canyon took Lee Sin, ShowMaker chose Syndra, Ghost on Ziggs and Beryl had Pyke. MAD Lions on the other hand went for the late game with Armut picking Wukong, Elyoya took Gragas, Carzzy with Miss Fortune, Kaiser on Rakan, and Humanoid on Viktor.

To punish MAD Lions for their picks, Canyon on his Lee Sin continuously invaded Elyoya’s Gragas jungle and thus made an early lead for his team. Damwon also ganked MAD’s champions regularly while also claiming crucial objectives. The gold lead skyrocketed for Dawon KIA as the game went on. MAD Lions were able to hang on, Damwon was always superior in team fights and closed the game in the 39th minute.

With a 3-0 win, Damwon KIA qualifies for the Semi-Final where they will face T1 on 31st October. Europe’s run in the Worlds 2021 ends as MAD Lions will settle for a 5th-8th spot finish.

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