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LOL WORLDS 2020: Participating Teams, Schedule and Live Streaming, All You Need To Know

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The “League of Legends” S10 World Series finals will start in Shanghai, China on September 25. Excluding Vietnam’s strict planning for Wuhan pneumonia prevention, the Vietnamese players decided not to participate in the “League of Legends” S10 World Series. A total of 11 competition areas and a total of 22 teams have been released recently.

The finals will be held on September 25 in Shanghai, China. According to the content posted by the official Weibo account of the “League of Legends Tournament”, the lottery ceremony will begin at 8 pm on September 15th. At that time, the division of teams in the finals and group matches will be determined.


The following is a list of teams participating in the World Series in each major competition area (in order of seeding)

China – LPL
  • First seed: Top Esports
  • Second seed: JD Gaming
  • Third seed: Suning
  • Fourth seed: LGD Gaming
Europe – LEC
  • First seed: G2 Esports
  • Second seed: Fnatic
  • Third seed: Rogue
  • Fourth seed: MAD Lions
Korea – LCK
  • First seed: DAMWON Gaming
  • Second seed: DRX
  • Third seed: Gen.G
North America – LCS
  • First seed: Team SoloMid
  • Second seed: FlyQuest
  • Third seed: Team Liquid
Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and South East Asia – PCS
  • First seed: Machi Esports
  • Second seed: PSG Talon
Brazil – CBLOL
  • First seed: INTZ
Commonwealth of Independent States – LCL
  • First seed: Unicorns of Love
Japan – LJL
  • First seed: V3 Esports
Latin America – LLA
  • First seed: Rainbow7
Oceania – OPL
  • First seed: Legacy Esports
Turkey – TCL
  • First seed: Papara SuperMassive

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Riot Games, the creators of League of Legends, provide live-streams of every single regional and major League of Legends tournament directly on their official website and famous 3 party live streaming platforms like:


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