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LOL: Wild Rift Garen Guide – Build, Role, Runes, Abilities and more



  • Role – Tank/ Fighter
  • Difficulty – Low
  • Lane – Top

The complete guide on “How to build items, Use runes and spells, Skill order” required to play Wild Rift Garen. We will also look at the statistics of the champion. League of Legends Wild Rift Garen is a Juggernaut Champion majorly played in Baron Lane. He will mostly do Physical Damage and is really tanky. When playing this Fighter in the Solo Lane, we rank it as an A-Tier pick.


Though there are plenty of runes available for each champion. We will provide the best runes combination based on the analysis of various professional players.

The Best Runes for Garen in Wild Rift is the Conqueror Keystone, followed by the Hunter Vampirism, Spirit Walker and Hunter Genius Minor Runes.



Flash FLASH                            Ignite IGNITE



Garen regenerates 1.5%-10.1% (based on level) of his maximum health every 5 seconds. This is interrupted for 8 seconds if Garen takes damage from any source other than minions and small monsters.


Garen removes all slows on him and gains 30% bonus movement speed for a few seconds. Garen’s next auto-attack within the next 4.5 seconds will deal bonus physical damage and will silence the target for 1.5 seconds.


Passive: Garen permanently gains 0.25 bonus armor and magic resistance every time he kills an enemy. This stacks up to a maximum of 30 bonus resistances. After reaching this threshold, his armor and magic resistance is increased by 10%.

Active: Reduces incoming damage by 30% for a few seconds and gains a shield and 60% tenacity for the first 0.75 seconds.


Garen becomes ghosted and spins like a Beyblade. He spins 7 times over 3 seconds, dealing physical damage with each spin. Enemy champions hit six times will have their armor reduced by 25% for 6 seconds. Further hits refresh the duration of the debuff and after 1 second, this ability can be cast again.


Garen selects a target enemy champion, dealing them with true damage. The target is revealed for 1 second, starting from the beginning of the cast time.


 Black Cleaver – Grants both HP and damage. Your physical damage also reduces the armor of your enemy which stacks up to 6 times. This has great synergy with Judgment because each spin will stack the armor reduction.

 Youmuu’s Ghostblade – Grants increasing Movement Speed bonus according to stacks. This item synergizes with Decisive Strike as attacks expend the stacks to deal bonus magic damage according to the number of stacks.

 Boots of Swiftness – Allows Garen to run down opponents and increase his slow immunity. The Teleport Enchant and Glorious Enchant is best for Garen.

 Death’s Dance – Converts the burst damage you receive into a damage over time, allowing you to fight for longer.

 Sterak’s Gage – Grants lifeline which shields you when you drop below 35% health. This works well for drawn out fights to outplay your opponents.

 Guardian Angel – Literally gives you a second life, allowing you to play extra aggressively when its passive is available.

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