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LOL: Wild Rift Fiora Guide – Build, Role, Runes, Abilities and more



  • Role – Fighter/ Assassin
  • Difficulty – High
  • Lane – Top

The complete guide on “How to build items, Use runes and spells, Skill order” is required to play Wild Rift Fiora. League of Legends Wild Rift Fiora is a Skirmisher Champion majorly played in Baron Lane. She will mostly do Physical Damage and can deal a lot of damage. When playing this Fighter champion in the Solo Lane, we rank it as an A-Tier pick.


Though there are plenty of runes available for each champion. We will provide the best runes combination based on the analysis of various professional players.

The Best Runes for Fiora in Wild Rift is the Conqueror Keystone, followed by the Brutal, Hunter Titan, and Manaflow Band Minor Runes.



Flash FLASH                            Ignite IGNITE



Fiora reveals the vitals of nearby visible champions. These linger for 13.25 seconds and a new vital shows up after the first one is destroyed or times out.

Any attack or damaging ability against a vital will trigger it and will deal a portion of the target’s maximum health as true damage, heal Fiora and grant her Movement Speed that decays over 1.5 seconds.


Dashes a short distance in the target direction and deals physical damage to an enemy if they are present near Fiora arrival location. It can also damage structures and wards and reduces the cooldown of the ability if she hits an enemy.


Fiora strikes in a target direction for 0.75 seconds, during which she can’t do anything else but becomes invulnerable to non-turret damage and gains crowd control and debuff immunity. After the duration, Fiora stabs her sword forward and deals magic damage in a line. This will slow and cripple the first enemy struck by 50% for 2 seconds. If Fiora parries at least one immobilizing effect, this ability will stun the target instead.


Fiora’s next two basic attacks will gain bonus range and attack speed. The first attack slows the target and the second attack will critically strike. The second attack deals reduced critical damage.


Passive: Increases her Passive bonus Movement Speed.

Active: Fiora challenges an enemy champion for 8 seconds, highlighting all their vitals. If she triggers at least one vital before the target dies, or triggers all four of them, she creates a zone that heals all allied units in it for a few seconds.


 Trinity Force is a great all-around item for Fiora and the Spellblade passive is so strong when combined with her E, Bladework. The bonus movement speed from the passives also helps Fiora a lot.

 Blade of the Ruined King helps shred tanks and any other kind of champion easily with your combo. After obtaining this item, you’ll be able to 100-0 any champion using your ultimate. Its drain passive steals movement speed which will help activate the enemies Vitals faster and easier.

 Mercury’s Treads grants magic resistance and crowd control resistance as well. Consider building Plated Steel caps instead if you are facing a team with many AD champions like Master Yi. Upgrade with the  Teleport Enchant to help with split pushing because as Fiora, you’d want to split push to force late game 1v1 fights.

 Guardian Angel is great because if you are playing Fiora right, in most games, you should be nursing a killing streak right now and this item will allow you to keep it up to the late game because bounties have a strong rubber band effect in the mid-game and if you get shut down, it will give the enemy the upper hand.

 Death’s Dance has the Cauterize passive which converts burst damage into DPS synergizes well with Fiora’s high damage, high sustain kit.

 Sterak’s Gage is another offensive and defensive hybrid item which Fiora can utilize due to its high HP and damage stats plus the Lifeline passive which grants her a shield when her HP drops below a certain percentage.

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