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LOL: Wild Rift Blitzcrank Guide – Build, Role, Runes, Abilities and more



  • Role – Tank/ Support
  • Difficulty – Low
  • Lane – Bottom

The complete guide on “How to build items, Use runes and spells, Skill order” required to play Wild Rift Blitzcrank. We will also look at the statistics of the champion. Wild Rift Blitzcrank is a Catcher Champion commonly played in the Dragon Lane as Support. It is a champion that has stunning, knock up, and high armour ultimate. When playing this Tank in the Dragon Lane, we rank it as an A-Tier pick. Blitzcrank will mostly do Magic Damage and has lots of Crowd Control.


Being a tank and support champion, Blitzcrank is hard to kill. We have brought you the best runes possible for this champion. The Best Runes for Blitzcrank in Wild Rift is the Aftershock Keystone, followed by the Weakness, Hunter Titan, and Pack Hunter Minor Runes.



Flash FLASH                            Ignite IGNITE


Blitzcrank-Passive MANA BARRIER (PASSIVE)

Periodically, on taking damage that reduces Blitzcrank’s health to 30% of his maximum health, Blitzcrank will automatically generate a shield that is equal to 30% of his maximum mana. The shield lasts up to 10 seconds.

Blitzcrank-Q ROCKET GRAB

Blitzcrank fires his right hand in a target direction that catches the first enemy it hits. The ability deals magic damage and yoinks them to Blitzcrank’s location.

Blitzcrank-W OVERDRIVE

Blitzcranks gets increased Movement Speed for 5 seconds which decays to 10% after 2.5 seconds. Once it ends, Blitzcrank is slowed by 30% for 1.5 seconds.

Blitzcrank-E POWER FIST

Blitzcrank’s next basic attack will knock the unit he hits for 1 second. It will also deal double his Physical damage.


Passive: Provided that the ability is not on Cooldown, Blitzcrank’s basic attacks will apply a mark that stacks up to 3 times. After every second, a mark is consumed to deal with magic damage.

Active: Blitzcrank detonates a static field around him, destroying shields of nearby enemies before dealing magic damage and silencing the targets for 0.5 seconds.



 Zeke’s Convergence – Provides armour, magic resistance, max mana and cooldown reduction which are all stats that Blitzcrank need. Its passive, Harbinger, synergizes with him well because it activates when you use your ultimate, which will be frequent due to Static Field’s relatively short cooldown. Harbinger releases a blizzard which buffs an ally champion’s attack to burn and slow enemies and successfully doing so will make those around Blitzcrank get burned and slowed as well.

 Protector’s Vow – the Protector passive from this item will grant you and a nearby ally a shield and a speed buff when you or your ally get damaged.

 Boots of Swiftness – Increases your roaming capabilities as it is the boots with the biggest bonus movement speed so far. Its sleek passive which grants you 30% slow resistance is highly beneficial for Blitzcrank as it mitigates the slow penalty from overdrive, especially when combined with the Spirit Walker Rune. The Locket Enchant is recommended for Blitz for the active shielding. Glorious Enchant, Protobelt Enchant, and Shadows enchant are all viable options for a more aggressive playstyle.

 Dead Man’s Plate – Synergizes well with Overdrive with its bonus movement speed from the Momentum Passive that converts into Crushing Blow that enhances your basic attack to have a slowing effect when it expends max Momentum.

 Abyssal Mark – The Eternity passive from this item will convert the damage you receive into mana and the mana you expend into HP. It also has the Abyssal passive which makes enemy champion take increased magic damage.

 Randuin’s Omen – Makes you able to tank and soak damage from the enemy’s AD Carries because of the Armored passive which will make you take reduced critical strike damage and Cold Steel passive which reduces the attack speed of those who will attack you.

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