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LOL: Wild Rift Ashe Guide – Build, Role, Runes, Abilities and more



  • Role – Marksmen/ Support
  • Difficulty – Low
  • Lane – Bottom

The complete guide on “How to build items, Use runes and spells, Skill order” required to play Wild Rift Ashe. We will also look at the statistics of the champion. Wild Rift Ashe is one of the most picked Attack Damage Carry Champion (ADC). It mainly gives physical damage with the slow arrow, fast attack speed ability, and stun ultimate. For beginner players, Ashe is very easy to play. It is considered as B Tier pick when playing in a carry role.


We have brought you the best possible runes for Ashe. The Best Runes for Ashe in Wild Rift is the Fleet Footwork Keystone, followed by the Brutal, Regeneration, and Manaflow Band Minor Runes.



Flash FLASH                            Heal HEAL



PassiveFrost Shot: Ashe’s Auto-Attacks and abilities will apply Frost to the enemies, slowing them by 20%-30% (depending on level) for 2 seconds. The Auto-Attacks against Frost afflicted enemies will deal additional damage.

PassiveCritical Slow: Ashe’s Critical Strikes deal no extra damage, instead they double Frost’s slow strength to 40%-60% (depending on level) which will decay over a second to its normal strength.


Passive: When this ability is inactive, Ashe’s basic attacks on-attack against non-structures will grant Focus stacks for 4 seconds. The duration is refreshed on structure attacks and stacks are lost by one every second.

Active: Ashe gains bonus Attack Speed for 4 seconds and causes her auto-attacks to fire a flurry of five arrows. They trigger on-hit effects only once and they deal with modified physical damage.


Ashe fires a volley of arrows in a cone in the target direction. In the initial phase of the game, it fires 5 arrows further increased to 11 arrows.  All of them deal with physical damage to the first enemy struck and slows them. Enemies won’t take damage from arrows beyond the first one.


Passive: Ashe periodically stores a Hawkshot charge, up to a maximum of 2.

Active: Ashe sends a hawk spirit towards the target location. This spirit will them explode and provide a vision of that area for 5 seconds.


Ashe fires a missile of ice in the target direction which will grant vision of the area it flies through for 1 second. This arrow will stun the first target hit for 1-3.5 seconds (based on the distance travelled), and it will reveal the area around them for 1 second. Enemies around the main target take 50% damage but are only slowed.


 Blade of the Ruined King – The HP based damage from these items allows you to consistently damage both high HP and low HP opponents equally. It also has a passive component that steals the movement speed of the enemy so you can kite them even more effectively.

 Runaan’s Hurricane – Grants you two additional attacks that split off from you that deals partial damage but applies the full effects of on-hit effects like the slow from Frost Shot and the HP based damage from Blade of the Ruined King.

 Boots of Swiftness – This item grants the highest possible bonus movement speed. Get it to kite more effectively. Upgrade with the Stasis Enchant against burst damage champions or upgrade with the Quicksilver Enchant to counter crowd control champions.

 Infinity Edge – Grants a huge power spike for Ashe because the crit rate bonus and the increased critical damage output this item gives will all increase Frost Ashe’s bonus damage.

 Mortal Reminder – Has the highest amount of Armor Penetration which is perfect to get in the late game because your enemies are starting to stack armour items against you by that time. Plus, this item adds the Grievous Wounds effect to your attack which counters healing and vamp.

 Guardian Angel – In the late game, you will become the highest priority target so having a second life is good insurance to have because you’ll definitely be going to be focused down at that stage of the game.

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