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LOL: Wild Rift – About Wild Pass, Everything you need to know

Wild Pass

Riot Games launched the much-awaited League of Legends: Wild Rift Wild Pass in its recent updates. The first-ever wild pass will last for 3 months starting from April 2nd, 2021 / 18:00 UTC and ending on July 1st, 2021 / 23:59 UTC.

The Wild Pass gives an opportunity to all the players to earn extra content by playing games. Wild Passes have their own levelling tracks and rewards, which include content like currencies, baubles, and even an exclusive skin. Besides this, the players also start earning XP towards unlocking their rewards.


Wild Pass grants all players 8 Wild Pass missions every week on Monday at midnight UTC for 10 weeks, or until the Pass expires. These missions feature a huge variety of objectives, which can be as simple as placing wards or as challenging as scoring double or triple kills. After completing all the weekly missions, you’ll earn a special bonus mission.

Weekly missions remain in your queue until you either A) complete them, or B) accrue 3 weeks worth of weekly missions, at which point you’ll have to finish off one of your current weeks to unlock a new one.

After completing all the mission, you get more opportunities to earn extra XP. Well, look no further than your First Win of the Day and challenge missions! These recurring missions award you Wild Pass XP in addition to their other benefits, so check in from time to time to see which objectives you can check off your list to power through your Pass.


Every player gets free rewards at Wild Pass level 4 and every 5 levels after (9, 14, 19, etc) up to level 49. You’ll generally unlock at least a few of these prizes just by playing a few games each week.


For just 590 Wild Cores, you’ll get access to all 50 levels of the Wild Pass’s earnable content! That includes Wild Pass rewards you unlocked previously, so there’s never a wrong time to upgrade.

Purchasing a Wild Pass will also unlock 15 bonus levels after level 50, giving hardcore players even more content for their Cores!

Wild Pass Elite

Wild Pass Elite includes all the perks of the Standard Wild Pass, along with a few special features to help you progress through your pass with Rammus-like speed—like by instantly completing levels.


You’ll instantly gain 5 Wild Pass levels upon purchasing Wild Pass Elite, hastening your trip to the top and granting you all the rewards of the levels you skipped at the same time. There is, however, one small caveat: these 5 free levels will not apply past level 50.


Players who purchase the Premium Wild Pass unlock a special set of elite missions that feature multi-tiered objectives.

These include simple goals like placing wards, scoring takedowns, and earning gold. Complete an objective to earn a bunch of Wild Pass XP and unlock the following milestone, which will challenge you to accomplish more of the same feat for additional Wild Pass XP.

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