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PEL Player Bidding: The Chosen secured Suk, Lolita, wyy and FlowerC in roster

[LIVE] PEL Player Bidding: NV-Tencent and The Chosen bidding for Suk
[LIVE] PEL Player Bidding: NV-Tencent and The Chosen bidding for Suk

 PEL Player Bidding: The Chosen secured Suk, Lolita, wyy and FlowerC in roster: Peace Elite League (PEL) Transfer bidding period is live now where all listed players will be joining the stage for bidding and the professional Peace Elite League Organizations/Clubs bid for them. After a player got sold out that player will join the organization after the certification period. That player will represent that organization in the upcoming Peace Elite League 2021 Season 3.

At the end of the last month, the transfer period got started where all teams have listed their selected players for transfer till July 7. These players went through a training period where they tried in the new teams and played with the other club’s players to check the synergy and performance. Now it is time for bidding, where it started today and will end on 16th July 2021. Total 70+ players got listed in the transfer period from the clubs.

Player NameBase Price (USD)Current (USD)Current (INR)Last Bid (Team Name)Status
DKG • 86495K546K4.7 crJDESold
4AM • Suk557K820K6.11 crTCSold
ACT • xxku155K312K2.32 crJDESold
AG • 黄sir124K138K1.03 crTJBSold
WBG • 苏禹路9.3K11K0.08 crRNGSold
TC • 吒宝54K74K0.55 crRNGSold
TJB • 5007.7K9.3K0.07 crACTSold
STE • 释怀23K46K0.34 crPAISold
STE • Lolita77K236K1.75 crTCSold
TC • 自然灿76K83K0.62 crAGSold
RSG • QingBaoB62K70K0.52 crDKGSold
TC • ·魏无羡93K104K0.77 cr4AMSold
PAI • 格子77K87K0.64 crRSGSold
Q9 • YZZ185K205K1.5 crRSGSold
DKG • GIAO20K23K0.17 crACTSold
TEC • EAGLE309K342K2.54 crPAISold
ST • DaQuan928K1.02 M7.62 crWBGSold
PAI • 光92K103K0.77 crDKGSold
STE • wyy417K460K3.43 crTCSold
Tianba • 神森森46K52K0.39 crTECSold
PAI • 凯w92K103K0.77 crTECSold
DKG • succ23K26K0.19 crPAISold
AgFox • 6769K10K0.08 crRSGSold
Q9 • SunFloweru123K137K1.02 crSMGSold
SMG • FlowerC562K619K4.62 crTCSold
LGE • 余醉7K13K0.10 crSMGSold
LGE • 枪神7K9K0.07 crAGSold
TC • 厨神逍遥70K78K0.58 crQ9Sold


Player NameBid 1Bid 2Bid 3Bid 4Bid 5Bid 6Bid 7Bid 8Bid 9
4AM • SukPAI (614K)TC (676K)Nova (744K)TC (820K)
ACT • xxkuJDE (172K)PAI (190K)JDE (210K)4AM (232K)JDE (257K)4AM (283K)JDE (312K)
TC • 吒宝RNG (60K)WBG (66K)RNG (74K)
STE • 释怀TEC (26K)PAI (29K)TEC (32K)PAI (37K)TEC (41K)PAI (46K)
STE • LolitaDKG (87K)SMG (96K)DKG (107K)TC (118K)4AM (130K)SMG (144K)RSG (159K)4AM (176K)TC (195K)4AM (215K)TC (236K)
LGE • 余醉AG(9K)SMG(10K)AG (12K)SMG (13K)


  • USD  – United States Dollars
  • INR – Indian Rupees
  • K – Thousand
  • M – Million
  • cr – Crores
  • Base Price – The base price of the player
  • Current Price – The current price of the player
  • Last Bid (Team Name) – The team that holds (not sold) the current player by biding the highest amount than the previous team.

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