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List of Summoner Spells In League of Legends: Wild Rift Guide

Summoner Spell

Summoner spells are additional abilities provided to your champions in the battlefield. These spells are chosen before the start of the match which gives speed, durability, attack damage and much more abilities based on the spells selected by the player. Each player is allowed to select two summoner spells from the list. The most famous spell among all is the Flash. Read our article to know the features of each spell and their use in the game.

BARRIER barrier

Barrier is one of the defensive summoner spells that allow the player to activate a small shield that blocks all incoming damage by the enemy champions. This spell is mostly used for the champions that deal a lot of damage but are low on health points. The champions such as the mage and marksmen who deals maximum damage could use this spell.

  • It gains a shield that absorbs 115 − 465 (based on level) damage for 2 seconds (90-second cooldown).
  • The barrier spell is majorly used in the bot lane as ADC champions play with the support champions in the bot lane.


Exhaust spell is used on the enemy champion which creates a disadvantage on them while in a team fight. This summoner spell is cast on that enemy champion who deals a massive amount of damage in short bursts thus making its movement speed and damage low. This spell is used as a counter on the champions such as assassin and fighters that deals maximum damage.

  • It targets enemy champion, reducing their movement speed by 20% and their damage dealt by 40% for 2.5 seconds (105-second cooldown).


Flash is the summoner spell that is used by all champion in a match. The major feature of the spell provides a short-ranged instant teleport that can be used either in defence or attack. In defence, if your champion is ganked by enemy champions, you can use is to escape from such fights. Whereas it can also be used to reduce the distance between you and enemy on low health. The best feature of the spell, allows you to teleport between the walls or barrier.

  • Teleport a short distance forward or towards the aimed direction (150-second cooldown).


Ghost summoner spell act as an alternative to the Flash spell. It helps your champion to increase its movement speed. Though it is not as good as a flash spell, it doesn’t allow you to teleport through walls and barriers. But for champions that are low in speed, a combination of Flash and Ghost spell increase its movement speed exponentially.

  • Gain a large burst of movement speed that decays to 25% bonus movement speed for 6 seconds (90-second cooldown).


From the name itself, we can understand the ability of this spell. It is a defensive summoner spell that heals your champion and a nearby ally with the lowest health. Besides this, it also increases your and the other affected champion’s movement speed for one second.

  • Restore 80 − 360 (based on level) health and grants 30% bonus movement speed for 1 second to you and the most wounded nearby ally champion (120-second cooldown).
  • Healing is halved for champions recently affected by Heal.


Another summoner spell that is used on the enemy champion as an offence. It burns the enemy champion over time for a small amount. It also applies Grievous Wounds, which significantly decreases the effectiveness of healing spells and items on it.

  •  Ignites target enemy champion, dealing 60 − 410 (based on level) true damage over 5 seconds and inflicting them with Grievous Wounds, reducing healing effects by 50% (90-second cooldown).


This summoner spell is majorly used by the jungler of the team. Smite deals true damage to monsters and minions and heals the user by a small amount. Upon slaying four Large Monsters, Smite can be upgraded permanently to Challenging Smite or Chilling Smite. This spell massively helps the junglers to kill baron and dragons in the game.

  • Deal 440 − 1000 (based on level) true damage to a large or epic monster or minion (10-second cooldown). Smiting monsters restore 70 (+ 10% maximum health) health.


You should try each spell and learn the working which would help your team in all the fights. As a player, you should know the exact time on when to use a particular summoner spell. As a small mistake could cost you a team fight. Though these spells are just an addition to your champion abilities. The perfect use of these spells could make a difference and win you matches.

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