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Legend X BGMI ID: Check Out Laksh Gupta’s BGMI ID, F/D Ratio, YouTube Earnings, and more

Legend X BGMI ID: Check Out Laksh Gupta's BGMI ID, F/D Ratio, YouTube Earnings, and more

Legend X BGMI ID: Check Out Laksh Gupta’s BGMI ID, F/D Ratio, YouTube Earnings, and more – Battlegrounds Mobile India has emerged as one of the most popular Battle Royale titles in India. The title has completed millions of downloads within a year of its inception. Hence, there are loads of players who have been focusing to build their careers around the same. One of the popular BGMI Players is Legend X aka Laksh Gupta. Here’s all you need to know about Legend X’s BGMI ID, F/D Ration, earnings, and more details.

Gamers mainly get their unique character ID when they log into Battlegrounds Mobile India for the first time. Users who have not done yet must understand that this is unchangeable and serves as a permanent identification that one can utilize to look up someone’s in-game account. Meanwhile, gamers who wish to change their name can do it by using the rename card. Without wasting any time, let’s check out the profile details of Laksh Gupta aka Legend X.

Legend X BGMI ID: Check out Laksh Gupta’s BGMI ID, F/D ratio, YouTube earnings, and more

The Battlegrounds Mobile India character ID of Legend X is 5185634901, and his IGN is ūŁEGENDX (visible in BGMI as ŁEGENDX). Moreover, Laksh is also a member of the Battlegrounds Mobile India clan BLaC | Boys.

Laksh Gupta Stats

With the game being unavailable currently, there are so many gamers who have opted out of it. However, Legend X decided to continue playing the game and keep grinding out results to maintain his rank. Over the past few months, Laksh has played tons of ranked matches. The profile stats are shared below.

Legend X has played an excess of 400 Ranked matches, having an F/D ratio over 5 and also featuring in the ‘Top 10’ 13 times. The Chicken Dinners also arrived with an exceptional 60.6 (A) rating.

Besides his impressive seasonal stats, Laksh Gupta’s current tier is Platinum IV, while his Season Rating is 4092, and his Season Rank is present in the top 31.00%.

Legend X YouTube Earnings

According to the analysis of Social Blade, YouTube earnings of Laksh in the past 30 days might remain between $127 and $2K. Meanwhile, the estimated earnings may differ due to the inactivity in his channel.

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