Leaks suggest that Rockstar Games to Include a New Map in GTA Online

Leaks suggests that Rockstar Games to Include a New Map in GTA Online
Leaks suggests that Rockstar Games to Include a New Map in GTA Online

Rumors are circulating that a New Map in GTA Online is on the way, and now additional leaked information has surfaced, adding to the speculation. Any GTA news leads many people to believe that Rockstar Games is finally getting set to release the latest installment in the franchise. When Rockstar’s logo flashed during the PlayStation 5’s original announcement, many assumed that the long-awaited GTA 6 was finally being shown, only to find out that GTA 5 would be released on PS5 instead.

According to a tweet from industry insider @Matheusbr9895, there’s reason to assume things may change shortly. The leaker claims in a series of tweets (translated from Portuguese) that the standalone edition of GTA Online, which will come alongside GTA 5’s next-gen upgrade, will require additional improvements to make the game worthwhile. He says he “can’t say much, but prepare your bags” in response to another tweet asking for additional information.

Leaks suggest that Rockstar Games Include a New Map in GTA Online

While this doesn’t reveal much, it’s evident that Rockstar is looking for a method to differentiate itself with the standalone edition of GTA Online on the way. A fresh map, regardless of how different it is from the current vistas of Los Santos, would be a welcome change of pace. After all, GTA 5 has sections set in North Yankton, therefore the leaker could be referring to that locale.

It’s difficult to predict whether gamers will support this re-release, given much of the promotional material for GTA 5’s next-gen edition has received poor feedback, with many criticizing the absence of meaningful additions to warrant such a high-profile upgrade. Hopefully, the game’s release will persuade them to reconsider their minds as they wait for the franchise’s next installment.

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