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League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch Updates- Xin Hao, Blitzcrank & Vayne Nerfed


Within a few days after the release of Regional Open Beta, League of Legends: Wild Rift team has issued their first balance patch of 1.0 which brings nerfs to Xin Zhao.

Recently Wild Rift launched their Open Beta in selective countries, the game got an amazing response from the community. MOBA games lovers were waiting for the mobile version of League of Legends game for a long time, after the release of open beta they all are exploring the battlefield.

Let’s take a look on the Wild Rift Patch Notes 1.0A

According to the Developers report, they will release the balance patches on a regular basis, so it will easy to understand the changes and bug fixes. Developers will be categorizing patches with letters, so they can release them on time. So here are some details of Patch 1.0A:

In this patch note, developers are bringing down the overall power of Xin Zhao.



Biltzcrank is an enormous champion which was built to dispose of the waste. Most of the time Blitzcrank uses his strength and nearly-indestructible durability to protect others. He found this work as his primary purpose. According to developers Blitzcrank is relying on his hook for playing, either he can just run or play without landing a hook.


  • Health: 690 → 650
  • Health Regen per level: 1.07 → 0.81


  • Damage: 250/375/500 → 200/325/450
  • Silence duration: 1s → 0.5s

Vayne is known as the deadly monster hunter, who had made the aim of her life to find and destroy the demons. She is fully armed with a crossbow which is mounted on a wrist, she is good with the creations of the dark arts. Vayne playing in the solo lane is not making fun to play against where playing in Duo lane seems legit. That’s why developers have reduced here moment speed and damage of her silver bolts.


  • Movement Speed: 330 → 325


  • Movement Speed bonus: [30 @ Level 1] → [15 @ Level 1] / [20 @ Level 5] / [30 @ Level 9]


  • Damage: 50/70/90/110 → 30/50/70/90

Xin Zhao is a warrior who is loyal to the ruling dynasty. Xin Zhao fully armed with the three-talon spear. Xin Zhao is a true warrior who doesn’t care about the opponent, he fights for his adopted kingdom. Developers noticed that the Xin Zhao’s win rate and pick rate are very high so they come to a conclusion where they are bringing down the overall stats of Xin Zhao including Attack Damage.


  • Attack Damage: 70 → 64
  • Health per level: 115 → 105
  • Armour per level: 4.3 → 3.9
  • Magic Resist: 38 → 30


  • Cast range: 6 → 5.5


  • Cooldown: 80/70/60s → 100/85/70s

Developers have fixed an issue where bots were overperforming in the Practice Mode. They also mentioned that every bugfix can’t be listed here. On October 25, they scheduled to re-add 60fps mode for some devices. You can see full patch note here:

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