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League of Legends Wild Rift Patch 2.4: A preview of the upcoming updates

League of Legends Wild Rift Patch 2.4: A preview of the upcoming updates
League of Legends Wild Rift Patch 2.4: A preview of the upcoming updates

League of Legends Wild Rift Patch 2.4: A preview of the upcoming updates. As we all know that the upcoming patch in the game League of Legends Wild Rift which is the 2.4 patch, will hit the floor later this month. And the developers this time are going to surprise us with a bunch of new items that surely are not going to disappoint the players. With this new update, we’ll get a huge amount of content. And first, off we are going to get three new Champions. The details about them are as follows.

League of Legends Wild Rift Patch 2.4: Champions changes

  • Brand, The Burning Vengeance: Brand is a very chaotic champion and is going to create some chaos in the game in the next update. He is a fire mage and is given the ability to nearly perform anything from scorching them with fire to burning the opponents with Pyroclasm.


  • Nunu and Willump: These new champions will surely freeze their opponents as an ice mage. There abilities are super good when it comes to attacking. Attacks like consumption, snowball barrage and many more attacks will surely help them conquer the game.


  • Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel: This champion is having a huge amount of power. As a marksman, his damage is pretty good as well as the stealth. He can use a grappling hook to come closer to the opponents and shortening a friend’s respawn timer by taking revenge. He can also earn bonus gold. That said, The champion can surely not be taken lightly.

League of Legends Wild Rift Patch 2.4: Ranked changes

The promotion series is going to be removed and each team will have three bans. The players will need to have at least 6 extra champions in order to play in ranked. Also with this update, we’ll get a free-to-play champion rotation.

New item to come in League of Legends Wild Rift Patch 2.4 

We are also going to get a decent amount of new items. The details on them are as follows.

  • Crystalline Reflector: This item will allow the player to avoid physical damage and return that damage back to the enemies.
  • Essence Reaver: This item is sure going to be handy as this item may increase the damage of the player’s abilities and also restore some of the mana every time the player attacks.
  • Solari Charge blade: This item will give the players a chance to receive a temporary bonus on the critical strike. Each time they cast an ability.

That said that’s all we know about the update up till now and will surely update you whenever we get new info.

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