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League of Legends Season 2022 begins: Here are all the updates provided by the Riot Dev team

League of Legends Season 2022 begins: Here are all the updates provided by the Riot Dev team.
League of Legends Season 2022 begins: Here are all the updates provided by the Riot Dev team.

League of Legends Season 2022 Announcement: After getting teased for the past four or five days, Riot Games finally held their Season 2022 Premiere. Here, they talked about the future roadmap of League of Legends this year. Various members of the Riot Games team came out to provide information about the new features that we can expect within the game this year. Here is an overview regarding the announced updates.

Challenges will be included in League of Legends

  • Players can now complete different ‘Challenges’ that can be shown in the game lobbies and loading screens of the Player profile.
  • There will be five types of challenges available in League of Legends – Veterancy, Expertise, Teamwork & Strategy, Collection, and Imagination.
  • In each category, there will be tasks that require players to focus on different aspects of gameplay.
  • Every individual challenge can be leveled up from Iron to Challenger.
  • There will also be Limited-Time Legacy challenges which would mostly be about the milestones of the game.
  • After completing difficult challenges, players will receive titles that they can also show off in their profile.

Introduction of new Mythic Essence, Mythic Shop, and Event Pass

  • Players will now have a new Event Pass layout which will make it easier for them to track their progression and rewards.
  • Older Legacy currencies will be replaced with Mythic essence which does not expire.
  • It can be used in the new Mythic Shop to purchase Seasonal Mythic Skins and Prestige Skins.
  • Every month, random Prestige skins of the past will be available for purchase in the Mythic Shop.

Champions and Skins Rework

  • Similar to Caitlyn, Ahri will have a complete update of her model and gameplay animations. It will also include all her skins.
  • Similar to Dr Mundo, a new VDU of Udyr has been released by the developers.
  • From Arclight, Gothic, and Infernal, one of the thematics will get revamped by the developers. The result will be through a public poll.

New Champions and New Skins

  • New Champions:
    • Zeri, the Spark of Zaum will be the latest upcoming champion to join the League of Legends roster.
    • Unnamed enchanter support will also join the champions pool. From the clues given, it will be a female champion that has a dark and evil character.
    • A new jungler champion will be added to the Summoner’s Rift later this year.
    • A teaser image of a mysterious, non-traditional bottom lane champion was also shown.
  • New Skins:
    • Porcelain and Firecracker skins will be released before the Lunar New Year.
    • Battle Bunny skin series will be released this year.
    • The skin series of High Noon, Sky Guardians, and Bees will get additions for new champions.

These are all the announcements made by Riot during the League of Legends Premiere for the game. We will bring you more details when the latest patch is released with more information.

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